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    Please never forget that your power tools, corded, cordless, or whatever, can injure or kill.

    Tuesday, I came into work and overhead a coupld of people talking about one of our co-workers who the day before while working at home had cut off part of his finger with a table saw (at least that was the rumor circulating that morning). I knew the person they were talking about and he lives only a couple miles from me so I stopped by to see him on the way home from work Tuesday.

    What had really happened was he was using his shaper which is in his un-heated garage and was wearing gloves. One of the gloves got caught in the shaper bit and pulled his index finger in where he lost the last segment of his index finger. Being a shaper and not a saw there was nothing to save for possible re-attachment, so he will always be reminded of his mishap.

    I hope by sharing this with you that it will help you to remember to always be sure of where your hands are and never assume. Remember that when you get familar with a process or operation that the chance of errors can increase. If you are tired take a break. Being it is winter, if you use a LP Gas, kerosene or similar heater be sure you have adequate ventilation as CO can affect your judgement long before it kills you.

    Have fun, make sawdust, but do it safely please.

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    Sorry to hear about your friends mishap. You've offered some very sound advice. It never hurts to be reminded about shop safety every now and again. Thanks Bob.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.