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  • ridgid tool bag

    Anyone know where to find the new hand tool bag - I couldn't find it at any of the "where to buy" links.


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    Have you looked at Home Depot? I'm not 100% sure but I believe I've seen them at my local BOB. Short term memory thingy ya know, I blame the 60's.
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      The new Job Max Tools Bags are at Home Depot. I saw two displays at my local stores. It's a little over-priced at $69 but a neat alternative just the same.


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          I went to HD to buy one and was told that they were all recalled.


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            So, has anyone found out why they took the tool bags out of the stores? I asked at my local HD and they couldnt give me a reason.

            How about an online shop? All iove seen in the online stores so far are power and plumbing tools...



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              a little mixed news for you to ponder. One home depot associate said they were all "bought back". I translate that as a recall as mentioned above. In another home depot, an associate said they were just out and might have been a christmas only item or some such thing and they may or may not be getting more. He wouldnt even offer to come down the isle and try to sell me another bag. NONE of the associates in ANY of the stores ive been in recently ofered to look into the computer inventory system to find out if there were any available in any other store in the region.

              Now, i just received an email backfrom ridgid customer service that said the bags were simply on backorder and they should have the home depots restocked by mid february.

              Your guess is as good as mine.


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                Same ole Home Depot. They don't know why they have stuff, They don't know why they sell stuff, They don't know where they get stuff, and they don't know if they will ever have it again.


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                  Ridgid tool bag is pretty cool, but over priced. I use the Husky tool bag from HD, and it works great, holds everything I need. And at half the price,...34.95


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                    By trade I am an electrician, just got the bag last weekend and love it. But I did have tough time trying to track the thing down. Get to the local HD and they tell me they are out. So I asked them to call another store for me, get this he says since they are all out we dont have a SKU number so it wouldnt do any good. GREAT CUSTOMER HELP, I complained and found one at another store with a 20% discount.One HD associate said that it was a Christmas thing, another says we wouldn't get them in again, another says next week. I think they should all go work at a drive thru, and shut down HD. SO frustrating.

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