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  • 18 volt planner

    has any one used the cordless planner and if so whot do you think about it??? i am thinkng of getting one but i would much rather have a corded planner
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    I don't own the Ridgid so I can't comment on it other than to say that this is a tool that IMO is better off corded than not.

    As far as the corded ones go, I have the Makita and hate it. The depth adjustment feature is junk as far as I'm concerned. I also don't like the fact that I can only blow the chips in one direction. Although I've never used one, I do like the looks and features of the Bosch 1594K.
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      In my opinion handheld planes have a limited use and for most of those uses I would rather have a block plane. So personally I wouldn't buy one at all.


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        I have the corded DeWalt model and it seldom gets used, mostly for trimming doors to size and for that function it works rather well with the exception of me lacking any anti-snipe skills. I have used the economical Bosch single blade model and found it extremely awkward to use in the vertical position because of the safety trigger feature. If you are contemplating purchasing one, it appears the Ridgid has a couple nice features going for it. It comes with a chip bag, which is a benefit due to the fact that these things create a big mess and the spiral blade should produce smooth results should you decide to attempt more delicate operations. If you already have any 18V Ridgid tools you get the added benefit of another battery and charger.



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          I've got it. At $99 bucks with the Lifetime Guarantee I figured it was a deal. I used it to plane down some high spots on my deck before I covered it with a PVC cover. Worked great. Even whacked the head off of one deck nail and it didn't hurt the blade.

          I couldn't get at a couple of edges and corners with it so I used a small hand plane there.


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            i have one and it is great. i also have a makita. cordless is limited but it's worth it when you have small jobs to do