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    To wrap up this one, I ended up buying the 18V 1/2" hammer drill/driver and a 1/2" spade handle corded drill motor. I couldn't pass up the 12 mos free interest that HD offered. Even tho I had to spend $299 to get it. Might's well take full advantage of the good nature of both the Home Depot and Ridgid tool folk. I'll be sure to save the receipt, and a copy of it to boot.

    Thanks for your input.


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      I sure am glad that people seem to be calming down on the warranty subject. I think that the RidgidWarranty is one of the most comprehensive, all inclusive ones you can find. If you look at the warranties for other companies, you see 1 year on parts, but only 90 days on labor. I believe that with a reciept, Ridgid will honor the warranty in the future without hassle.

      The big problem that I forsee is with the repair centers. It would be pretty tough in 5 years to take the drill in with a reciept and get service. Most centers will tell you that your 3 years warranty is up, or batteries are not covered. IMO, as long as Ridgid continues to make service centers and customer service associates aware of the promotional warranty, we should have no problems.

      If you have any doubts as to life of a reciept, go back to HD and have them print up a copy of the purchase on a laser printer. they can do this for a short period of time after the purchase, and it is free piece of mind. also remember that this is about the best and easiest warranty one could have besides the one on Craftsman hand tools. (taken 20 year old stuff back and just exchanged in seconds)

      Now, I can't wait till tomorrow morning so I can play with my new Ridgid X2