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Lifetime Warranty - Any Lawyers Registered?

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  • Lifetime Warranty - Any Lawyers Registered?

    OK, I came here looking for information on this apparently too good to be true Lifetime Warranty.

    Not seeing anything on the site that specifically led me to information on the warranty, I figured I'd start with the Forum and see what Joe Average had to say about Ridgid power tools in general, and this warranty.

    I did a search for "warranty" over the last 30 days and came up with 50 hits. I read through several of those. I thank those who've shared their Ridgid tool experiences. You have given me good insight into the things to expect from Ridgid tools.

    While the information I found was useful in this regard, I failed to find any factual information on the Lifetime Warranty, so back to Ridgid's website "Home" I went, to do some more digging.

    I clicked to support and there I found a link to the actual warranties. I figured I'd do my part for the community and share the benefit of my research with you.

    I found the Limited Lifetime Service Warranty and I read it thoroughly. I'm kinda hung up on the text under the heading: Additional Limitations

    Are there any 2nd year law students or lawyers registered here that might take a stab at interpreting the meaning of that section?

    I also might point out that the Limited Three Year Warranty looks very similar to the Limited Lifetime Service Warranty, save for the modified text in the Additional Limitations

    I'm not a lawyer, but it sure looks to me like these two warranties are different wordings of the same thing.

    I'm going to go price shopping now, and I may make my tool-buying decision without hearing a legal interpretation, just because I'm satisfied with the 90-day return and three-year warranty.

    Ridgid's been around for years, and they have a very solid reputation in the markets they've dominated with their line of tools. I don't expect that to change during my lifetime, and I don't feel like they'd jeopardize their future through any one promotion.

    A three year warranty in today's time is something unusual, as is the 90-day satisfaction guarantee, even though most of us know that we can return most anything to Home Depot in a reasonable length of time and claim that it's inferior and be refunded our money pretty much without question. I commend both Home Depot and Ridgid for these policies.

    I'm shopping because one of the batteries for my 3 or more year old Craftsman 13.2V battery drill gave up on me. I think I paid $112 for this drill when I bought it. While Craftsman would gladly sell me a replacement battery for $65, I have this nagging feeling that the other battery might soon follow suit... or that the reversing switch that's been hanging up on the drill might fall apart the next time I go to use it.

    That Lifetime Warranty sure sounds good to me, with what I'm laboring with at the moment with my Craftsman. I wish I could believe in it. It's kinda like Santa... are you a believer?

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    Now is the time to buy 20% now thru Sunday at HD


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      Yup, I saw that. That's 20% off ALL Power Tools btw, not just Ridgid. Tis why I'm looking now. [img]smile.gif[/img]

      Oh, and another incentive: No payments, no interest until January of 2005 on any purchase of $299 or more on your Home Depot or Expo Consumer Credit Card, from now until 12/24.

      No, I don't work for Home Depot. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        I began reading this post thinking, "Oh, God, yet another warranty troll." The bickering over the warranty has been such a downer over the last few months that I begin to think Ridgid would sell more tools if they only guaranteed them for three years, rather than for the life of the tool. I swore off participating in warranty threads a while back, as a result.

        Then I read your post, Electcentric, and it was like the sun came out from behind the clouds. [img]smile.gif[/img] For once, someone read things and devoted a little intelligent thought to what he was reading. There is only one significant difference between the Lifetime warranty the the Three-year warranty - it's either three years or the lifetime of the tool. Plain and simple.

        When I sell a power tool to a customer (I'm a Hardware Department Supervisor at HD), the very last thing I talk about to the customer is the warranty. We talk about the intended use for the tool. We talk about design. We talk about construction. We talk about weight. We discuss advantages and disadvantages of particular models. We talk about what I sell more of, and why. When we narrow their choices down to two or three tools, then I trot out warranty issues. With Ridgid, I first mention the three-year warranty.

        The tool is usually sold by that point. This Ridgid stuff stands on its' own well enough that I can use the Lifetime Warranty as a surprise gift, assuming the customer doesn't already know about it. Frankly, I don't want the customer making decisions based on warranty, because it implies that the warranty will be an important facet of the purchase. You don't want the customer thinking they'll have to use the warranty on a $500 purchase.

        In all honesty, the Ridgid Lifetime Warranty has certain disadvantages for me. I can't try to tack on my own Extended Warranty, for which I (meaning Home Depot - I get no commission) make a few bucks. What's more, even though I explain the marketing reasons behind a lifetime warranty to the customer, sometimes there's still an implcation left that there's some issue which makes Ridgid think they'll have to cover the tool for life to make up for some defect.

        Electcentric, you have come to the only logical conclusion resulting from all the warranty FUD spread around on this site - who cares about the Lifetime Warranty? Not you or I, who know power tools!

        Let the tool stand on its' own. As far as I can tell, these Ridgid tools do so admirably.

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          Well i have also questions about the Home Depot
          Lifetime warranty they were selling today to all of the customers who wanted to buy the Ridgid product ,so i did bought a 18volt 3 combo [hammer dril- circular saw- flashlight +canvas bag] they had a special sale of 20% price plus another 10% off that ,so we did not bad , in another HD only 20% ,why ask here plus 10% off ?,cause less than a mile away Lowes opened a store so im guesing to compete with them [altough Lowes dont' sell Ridgid],
          I called back to store in evening about the Lifetime warranty ,they said " just keep the dated reciept and Ridgid customer service will know about it when you call for problem -which i verry much doubt it after 4-6 yrs down the line [naturally if the tool will last that long],since in the operators manuals is written only 90 days, 3 years.
          So you writing here i cant exactly make it out if this is a ploy by HD sales personel to push this manufactures product [for spiff]or is have some truth to it , or is too early to know ,since Ridgid is power tools short time ,maybe half a year if i remember correctly .
          But next week i give a call to customer service atRdgid and will clear with them ,and maybe request some writen "Adendum" to their waranty...


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            gyuri, the warranty is linked in this thread. It's the official Ridgid Lifetime Warranty, as posted on this website. Click the links in the first post.


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              I think that if Ridgid/OWT had a straightforward registration program for their tools then it would ease some minds around here.


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                I am not a lawyer, but I am a retired Senior Legal Analyst, who worked for the US Department of Justice. Warranty Law is based on the Magnusson Moss Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act of 1975. I am not going to bore you with the P.L. or Public Law Citation from which bill passed in which Congressional Session or the USC (US Code citation) or the Section of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

                Basically, a Limited Lifetime Warranty is one that is "limited" as opposed to "Full" to the first purchaser and is not transferable. As such, a receipt or other "proof of purchase" is required.

                "Lifetime" unless specifically defined, is the expected or percieved life of the article as a device's suitability or fitness of use for that amount of time. This is, effectively, variable from use to use. It does not mean that the article is warranted not to wear out. A drill that receives heavy use, such as driving lag screws, would not be expected to last as long as one used to drill 1/4" holes in pine.

                Basically, the tool will be examined for abuse and excessive wear. A tool that is all beat up with dents and a cracked housing with worn out brushes and bearings would be considered to be at or near the end of its "lifetime."

                It is likely that one in such condition will still be repaired under warranty, if it is not more than 3 years old from the date of purchase.

                Beyond 3 years, it will depend on the appearance and condition of the tool. A tool that is 20 years old and appears clean and near new condition will be considered eligible for warranty repair in this matter.

                All warranties have a limitation of liability, limited to the purchase price of the tool. It is the option of the manufacturer to "opt out" of the warranty by refunding the full purchase price of the tool. Unless the tool is defective, dangerous or life threatening in use, the seller or responsible party is subject to no more damages than the full purchase price of the tool.

                So, it is a very very good marketing tool for Ridgid. For the casual or careful pro user, the warranty is very valuable, should a defect, such as a cracked housing due to material fatigue is discovered.

                Keeping the tools clean and careful use is your best guarantee that you will collect on the warranty.

                Otherwise, as with many legal matters, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." If the company realizes that it would cost them more that their cost for the tool to fight you, they will either give you a tool or refund your purchase price.


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                  Another person who think her getting ****** because of the warranty statement.

                  Better look at your kids, who YOU THINK ARE ANGLES!

                  Give me a break already


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                    Does anybody have any idea what this guy just said??
                    "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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                      I’m perplexed!



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                        I believe that my kids are not square...


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                          Originally posted by SatPro:
                          Keeping the tools clean and careful use is your best guarantee that you will collect on the warranty.
                          Halle-f***ing-lujah, a conceptual breakthrough.

                          It is also the best way to never have to collect on the warranty, and to stay out of the emergency room.

                          Rob: Let me help... the parents think the kids are angles, and therefore you are not getting screwed by the warranty.

                          There you have it.

                          Any questions?


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                            Thanks for the warranty link.I wonder why HD is continuing to say that the receipt must be saved for the warranty to be valid?

                            BTW,are you going to make the 150 mile trip this weekend to get yourself a 20% refund on all of those Ridgid tools that you just bought?

                            I may be passing by your way on my way to the beach at Corolla,NC.


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                              RIDGID is saying that you need to keep your receipt because it is the only way to PROVE when you purchased the product. You can enter any purchase date into the registration page and some less-than-honest persons could register a few weeks after the end of the promotion and claim a purchase date within the promotion window.

                              Keeping the receipt would be the most definitive manner of proving the purchase date and is also a better way of ensuring you are the original owner since the warranty is non-transferable for the lifetime promotion. Most people don't provide the original receipt when selling the product to a 2nd party.

                              Also, the RIDGID moderators have said in a previous post that they will only honor the warranty for items purchased from an approved distributor (namely HD). Proving the point of purchase is just as important for honoring the warranty as establishing the purchase was within the promotional window.

                              Hope this helps.

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