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    [img]smile.gif[/img] Hello Fabricators, and Ridgid personnel;

    I will soon be purchasing a tubing bender in the 3/4" , 7/8" , 1" and/or 1 1/4" sizes. I already have a 1/2" chrome plated Ridgid bender. It's purpose will be to bend structural tubing into nerf bar, roof rack, Go-Kart and Mini-bike shapes. I will then weld said tubing together, and sell at a profit, or keep for my own enjoyment. Will any of the Ridgid line of benders be appropriate for such usage? Where can I purchase them, that will NOT be named home depot? I am part owner of a former Coast to Coast hardware store (now just Coast due to the Tru-Serv breakup); can I order Ridgid through a wholesaler like Jensen, or can I get them just as cheap direct through Ridgid? Speaking of cheap, how much are they??

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    I just got some new Bnders of of E-bay... I honestly dont know how much they regulalrly cost but i got 3 for $50.. 1/2" long, 3/4 long, and 3/4 short. they didnt have handles though. whould you or anybody else know where to get handles for these benders?