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Mail ordering problems???

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  • Mail ordering problems???

    Has anybody had some very dissapointing results ordering parts by mail? I ordered the riser block for my bandsaw, paid for 2-day air on a Tuesday.Thursday 5PM rolls around,so I call customer service to see where it's at.The guy tells me that they're 500 orders behind,and my part just went out today(Thursday)!On top of that,Thursday was my birthday,so I took vac. days Thurs. & Fri. off of work & turned a Sat. down(which is overtime for me!!$$)because I had this weekend all planned out to resaw the lumber I milled the previous weekend and bought all new blades and guide blocks and I knew I was getting the spindle sander for my birthday!!! Cust. serv. said they would reimburse my 2-day air money or give me an item of same value(some 20 bucks,BIG DEAL!)! Nobody called to let me know this,and I e-mailed Jake about it with no reply(he might be off work?).I feel that I got screwed with poor "customer service".Any suggestions besides ordering a month in advance? Also,why can't Ridgid have more accessories available at Home Depot besides spindle sleeves and cheap bandsaw blades? I have 5 HD's close to me here in Michigan and I visit all of them,that's how close they are to me!!! I watch what Ridgid power tools they have and how long it takes to sell them.They sell pretty darn good,especially at Christmas time,which is coming soon!!! Just a suggestion.Oh BTW, this is the first time I ordered anything from Ridgid(nice first impression,huh?)

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    WOW........when did the world start revolving around you?,,,,,,,don't be such a little whiner....grow up......and....BTW,,,,,Happy Birthday


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      I just ordered two nylon rollers for my 2400's "work & haul it" stand...they are already halfway here in 24 hours (2nd day air) problems here.
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