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  • e box?

    i have had this ridgid e box for the last year and i have never had anything ever listed other than my tools that i have regersterd has any one else here ever get any promotoins or anything else on this ebox thing?
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    NO! But I think it has only been on here for that last 3 or 4 months, if that long. As I recall, they set it up on or about the time they established the "limited lifetime service" offer, which was April 15, 2005; so that's just 5 months.

    Ryobi set thier E-box up about the same time and there hasn't been any offers or surveys their either.

    Personally, I think the E-box thing is a good idea, but they have yet to follow-thru with anything. In my opinion, if their going to do this kind of thing, then they need to be prepared to proceed with their plan as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we're all just going to stop checking our E-boxes, since it will be a waste of time. There is little worse than setting up an expectation and then never post anything.

    With Ryobi's site, it's even worse and it's almost impossible to get to your E-box. Any attempt just puts you in a loop.



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      Maybe I just can't figure it out but I've tried, unsuccessfully, several time to setup an ebox. When I try to set one up, the first place it takes me to is the tool registration front page. The Ridgid tools I own are all pre-TTI so I can't go any further. Does this mean that if they ever do start offering promos or other offers down the road the only ones that will know about it are only those who have already purchased TTI produced Ridgid tools?
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        I wouldn't get too excited about it as a comm system. I've been trying in vain since I got my 3650 early this year to get a new arbor. After the third call/post I received a message to go to my e-box. The message was that he couldn't tell what machine I was talking about in my posts because I hadn't given the tool model. Whaaaaat??? A> Yes I had. B> Are you having arbor problems with other 'machines', since I clearly stated 'arbor'. Sorry, didn't mean to rant but I've about given up on my arbor. They just don't give a hoot.