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new jointer question

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  • new jointer question

    I am in the market to purchase the new 3650 ts and the new 0610 jointer. I have a 10% off coupon, so I need to make the purchase all at once from the same HD.

    The problem is my local HD does not have the new, orange 0610 jointer. They only have the old, gray version for $399.

    First, is there any difference between the gray and the orange jointer (aside from the color)? Second, has anyone seen the orange version actually in stock? Whats the price?

    If the jointers are essentially the same, and the same price, I'd rather have the orange. I wonder if HD would be willing to order the new, orange version when they have three of the gray ones in stock....

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    The old color jointer planer was being sold off in Canada for $399 CAD (about $260-270 USD)some months ago. My understanding was that Ridgid was wanting to clear out all of the older stock before bringing in the new color scheme product. I have not compared the new vs. old style equipment re. specification differences as I have not had a chance to do that or even find a new orange unit to look at. I purchased the old color unit about 2 months ago because of the good price deal and original lifetime warrantee. I had heard someone say (dont recall if it was on this site or not) that there was not much difference re. features.

    Watch for other site members comments for differences. HOWEVER, if you can talk the local HD tool crib manager into giving you a clearance price on the old stock, I would jump at the new TS3650 AND the old version of the JP0610 IN A FLASH along with the 10 % off coupon!

    Chris Berg
    Chris Berg


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      It is my understanding the jointer has not changed except for color. Had mine a whie do not know about price.


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        If they're the same price, you should ask for the new one if you want it. I would inquire about delivery dates if you want orange to make sure that it is acceptable. If they will not accomodate, use this as leverage to get a better deal on in stock models. You are the customer and you are spending your hard earned money. They should make you happy.



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          i just became a member here. i too am looking forward to buying a 0610 jointer. i am trying to find one for sale at hd at the 260- 270.00 price that was discussed before. any ideas?
          thanks, Z


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            thanks, i already figured that out though. i wish i could buy in canada paying the 399.00 cad free ship to the U.S. then using the U.S. exchange rate and really save. in short, i am looking for a GREAT deal. i dont care about the color, as a matter of fact, as i read these posts i have become weary about the recent involvement with ryobi tools. have almost a complete wood shop of ridgid (ok some craftsman) tools. i think the quality is better, or at the least competes with the best
            thanks, Z