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  • TS2424 Availability

    I've got the cash in hand and I really want to buy a TS2424 but can't find one in the stores. Can anyone tell me if the TS3612 has definitely replaced the TS2424?

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    Yes, the TS3612 replaced the TS2424 last year. However, I have heard that some HDs still have the TS2424 available. The downside to that is that HD is not discounting the TS2424, so it is the same price as the TS3612.

    Is there a reason you want the TS2424 instead of the TS3612?



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      Thanks Kevin. Being new to Ridgid and this site, I wasn't aware that they were the same price. And from what I read, HD has the same sku for both anyway so how can they tell you if they have any TS2424's in stock? Might as well buy the best!


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        Unfortunately for you, HD will probably not have any idea if they have a 2424 or a 3612 in stock. My suggestion would be to look around on the tops of the aisles where they keep their stock. IF you find a 2424, I definitely would not pay full price for it, but that is your choice. If it were me, I might be willing to pay $400 for a new TS2424, but definitely not $600 when I can buy a better saw for the same money.

        Personally, I have the 3612 & think it is great. The main difference between the two is that you can rip 36" to the right of the blade on the 3612 vs 24" on the 2424. IMHO, the rip fence on the 3612 is also much better.

        A word of caution: Make sure you get BOTH boxes for the saw. One box will have the saw & the other will have the fence rails. Also, make absolutely sure that the fence rail box is marked TS3612.



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          I just visited my local HD again and checked the 2 saw boxes they have. Both are 3612's. I noticed the rail boxes too.
          This forum has helped convince me that the 3612 is the one to buy (since I'm too late for the 2424 anyway).
          This new saw will replace a home-built Gilliom cabinet saw that I inherited from my dad who built it over 40 years ago. It has a slightly underpowered 1/2 hp motor at 7.3 amps. I can't wait to try out the Ridgid.