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WD4050 Vac - How do I remove the filter???

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  • WD4050 Vac - How do I remove the filter???

    Ok, I feel like an idiot.

    I have a WD4050 4 gallon wet/dry vac. I want to remove the filter in order to clean it.

    I cant for the LIFE of me figure out how that filter comes off, and I seem to have "misplaced" the owners manual. (i/e threw it in the trash shortly after purchase)

    Can anyone give me a quick lesson on how to get that thing off (and then back on again!)


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    I don't own that vac and couldn't find the owners manual online here either. So that being said this is all from memory after looking at it once. I thought I had a cylindrical pleated paper filter held on by a plastic cap and tear drop shaped bolt wing nut type of piece. Undo the nut remove the plastic cap and remove the filter. I think!


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      JJC is correct

      Here is where to get the manual
      4050 manual