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  • Ridgid/Peddinghaus web site

    The Ridgid/Peddinghaus web site (Germany) has some nice tools that I have not seen listed on the Ridgid USA site. I like the Magnetic jaw covers, great idea!

    Also, their vice elevator is another great idea, never seen one of these before, maybe they exist here in the US but is news to me. Ridgid, why are these tools not in your US tool catalog?

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    You wont see them here unless hd feels like carrying them.
    Maybe sears will get in on the action. I saw some ridgid pipe wrenchs on sale at a local sears yesterday. Some competition would be nice.


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      The vise accessories are offered in the US. Here is a link to them in our catalog.

      Your best bet would be to go to one of our plumbing tools distributors. My quick search of our online vendors showed the vises but not the accessories, however I'm sure they could special order them.

      Incidentally, it is my understanding that Home Depot can special order anything out of our catalog.


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        i saw the vise in the ridgid catalog. . the elevator vise was a good idea..