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WD1635 hose adapters

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  • WD1635 hose adapters

    Can anyone provide part numbers for a Ridgid WD1635 that would allow me to attach a non-tug-a-long hose to the vac? Basically what I want is a short tug-a-long piece to "snap" onto the vac that will in turn accept a regular hose. I'm trying to implement a way to use my vac with several tools and want a stub on the vac itself. I have looked at the parts diagram but don't really know what to order. I think the adapter piece that ships with the muffler may be what I am looking for??? (I do not have the muffler)
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    Alan, I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish.
    The VT2518 is a hose extension kit that comes with a 10' hose, and 6 hose ends.

    The muffler (VT2525) comes with a Tug-a-Long addapter you could use on a short piece of hose from the kit above.

    To connect the stub off the VAC to each machines hose you would need a VT2511 Hose to Hose Connector.

    All these items are usually stocked in my area at Home Depot.

    You'll have close to $40 invested, plus you will have your origanal hose for the vac for cleaning up the floor and machines.

    I hope this helps.
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