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    I've been using a friends ts2424 and liked it so much I went to home depot to buy one. After about 30 minutes and a phone call to ridgid HD determined that it is no longer made and was replaced by the ts3612. The thing is the ts2424 was selling for $400. The 3612 is selling for $600. I do not need the extra features and am not willing to spend $200 more for the benefit of not using them. Also HD did not stock the 3612 and is not planning to have one on display. They had very little, besides shop vacs, from ridgid on display or for sale.
    Anyway, does anyone know of a tablesaw similar to the ts2424, that sells for about $400 or less? I would gladly by the ridgid if they made it available again.

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    The TS2424 sold for the same price as the new TS3612, $597.00. If there was one for $400.00, it was either the floor model, or a refurbished one.

    You might be able to get a refurbished TS3612 for $400 as well. I am not sure what HD charges for refurbished models.

    Use to be refurbished sold for about 1/2 the price of new units. I've noticed the last couple years they are only knocking off 10 to 20 percent at best.
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      List price for the 2424 was $600, but HD was selling new ones, for awhile at least, for $400.
      The HD monopoly on ridgid is extremely irritating, if other stores sold ridgid too then the prices would come down.


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        Competition brings prices down, but from whom? Delta, Jet, Powermatic, General, all have comparable offerings at the same or higher prices.

        You got a super good deal on the TS2424, less than half what I paid for mine 3 or 4 years ago.



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          you'll need to call all the HD';s in your area (200 mile radius) and ask about the 2424...we had one sell for $397 the other day in Dallas and it was new...the time for deep discounts on the 2424 is here....good luck!
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            It all depends what the manager feels like doing. the 2424 did go for $600 and was relaced by the 3612 for the same price. You'de be hard pressed to find anything decent for $400. Most quality saws from other mfgs. run at least $800, so the $600 Ridgid is considered a bargain.