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    Well...I hope Lowe's picks up Ridgid (if?) HD drops it. Got a Lowe's nearby and a new HD going in next town over. Affordable quality is what I'm after. If you cruise the web you can even find 14" band saws sold with barely a 30 day warranty!


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      I read with interest about the HD problems and I to have had some morons attempt to help me. As I saw some where I just consider it a DIY store with the exception of when I bought My band saw. It was one of those deals where I did not look at or set it up right away (about 5 wks). When I opened the box I found one of the cast feet on the saw had been broken off. This is when HD really came through. They replaced the saw with no CRAP to indure unlike our Menards store subjects you to. HD is far from perfect but when the chips are down and out, our HD seems to struggle through. Rick


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        Originally posted by KellyC:
        Kmac said it best...if you guys are gonna turn around at the sign of a pin in the road, you deserve what you get. Do you try and hold the same standard to what you buy at Walmart?................

        Lastly...who cares about people who bash HD's? those people shop HD's daily? Doubt your own person and do what you need to not what others say you should do.

        Hi Kelly....... I've not been around much for the past couple of months, but I started diggin' around the site this morning when I ran across your reply to this older post.

        Your "pin in deserve what you get"-comment, assumes two things. 1)The "pin" (being treated rudely and disrespectful by an employee of the company, in which you have chosen to spend $300 to $700 of your money)is not a legitimate problem. 2)That Ridgid is a better tool than what the person bought. That's assumming an awful lot on your part. And your assumption is based completely on your own personal opinions. To the individual spending the money, the "pin" is a legitimate problem. And to the individual that decides to buy a tool brand other than Ridgid, that brand is the best, in their opinion. Which is the only opinion that counts being as how it's their money they just spent.

        Society, for the most part, has become way too lax in excepting poor service as the norm.

        Your "...hold Walmart to the same standard"-comment, is like comparing apples and oranges. Considering the products sold at Walmart, it doesn't take much research to decide what you will buy. Just a guess, but I would venture to say that the average price of a product sold at Walmart is going to range somewhere around $10 to $25; not a major decision process. When you are talking about purchasing products that will range between $250 to $700+, it takes on a whole different decision making process. However, if I was going to buy something from Walmart that cost $250 to $700+, I would hold Walmart to the same standard as I would any other store.

        And your comment, "Who cares about people who bash HD?" Is representative of the very attitude that brings about the HD bashing. It is obvious that HD doesn't really care about the customer. And yes, I will agree that there are problems with other retailers as well. However, most other retailers it's not the expected treatment when you walk in the door. But with HD, it is the norm. I'm happy for you that you are one of the fortunate few that happen to live close to one of the only 3 or 4 good HDs throughout the country. Ridgid tools are good tools, but they are not any better than the 5 or 6 other major brand tools on the market. They certainly are not good enough to have to put up with the likes of the average HD employee and/or management that could care less whether you buy from them or not.

        People would not be buying so much through the internet if the local dealers would truly care about the customer. And they would even have to match, but just be close on price. Most people still prefer to buy from a local business, from a real person, even if it does mean paying a little more, if everything else is equal.

        This reply was not an attempt at bashing or belittling you or your thoughts. I just believe that we must remember that everybody has a right to their opinions, and everybody also has the right to expect to be treated in a professional & respectful manner when trying to purchase a product, regardless of the price of the product. We also have the right to choose where we will, or will not spend our money, based on how we are treated.

        As for why Home Depot is constantly being bashed on the Ridgid forum, by Ridgid's own choice, Home Depot is the only retailer carrying their tools. So therefore, you have to expect HD comments on a Ridgid forum.


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          ...People would not be buying so much through the internet if the local dealers would truly care about the customer....Most people still prefer to buy from a local business, from a real person, even if it does mean paying a little more, if everything else is equal.[/QB]
          For my part, I typically do most of my shopping on the Internet because I CAN NEVER FIND ANYTHING IN THIS $#@#@&(*&$#@(%@ AREA WHERE I LIVE! Hell! I had to drive to Nashville to find a small store that carried the drill press I wanted!! I don't care if it is woodworking or any of my other hobbies/interests that I never have time for. If there is something I want, I can't get it except by ordering it from somewhere else. If it isn't among the few select items from each product line, you're out of luck with these chain stores and where I live, there isn't enough support for small specialty dealers.

          I would prefer to buy locally for convenience in customer service and because I like to *see* the item that I'm going to buy before I decide that I actually want to buy it. But what are you going to do? Now we have to deal with Internet purchases being taxed. Oh, God. Don't let me get started on taxes. $1.5 Billion tax increase... stupid (*&#@#@$)($ !!!


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            ...By the way, to order spare parts you are referred to "Dixie Sales Co" 1-877-794-7225. Got a courteous gal who promptly took my order. Earlier I ordered accessories for the BS1400 when I bought it with a 10% discount. After a little prodding by a helpful HD gent I got the parts yesterday.


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              Originally posted by Old Rookie:
              Society, for the most part, has become way too lax in excepting poor service as the norm.
              This part I agree with...otherwise I stand by my post. I don't think anyone should let a moronic employee of ANY company deter them from getting a tool that they know is a good one.

              I never meant to compare Walmart's merchandise to HD's, just trying to make a point that both are the bottom rung in price for what they sell and both have the same standards when it comes to employees.

              We all know HD's is not known for their great service....neither is any huge chain. I just get tired head from hearing the whining day in and day out. It's never going to change. If you believe in a product, buy it...regardless of the dolt trying his best to make you go somehwere else. If everyone turned and ran everytime they encountered a bad employee, there wouldn't be an HD's or Walmart.

              Finally, yep, I expect a few comments here and there, just not the flood we have recently been hit with. The worst thing about society now is the complaining and whining. I try and stay away from that as much as possible, but if you read the posts in the Warranty folder, you'll see that I sometimes do it as well.

              Given that I still say don't let someone who couldn't think their way out of a wet paper bag stand in the way of a good tool. Expect the worst when you go in to buy it, then maybe the experience will be easier than you think. I've never had a huge problem of any kind since I know what to expect ahead of time. In fact, I've had really good experiences with HD's and Lowe's (except of course when I leave the lumber order pulling to the employees).
              Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                I'm a sarcastic little **** , if some schmuck in an orange apron said something to me about what I can and cannot afford, well I'd first understand that he is stuck there till his shift is over, or till I get him fired, I'd work at seeing what came first. What I find so many people forget is that everyone answers to someone, and usually it's when you spend your money that they answer.

                After working a few years of retail I do not take **** from anyone in any store.


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                  I'd still gladly pay more for the same product if I could buy it at the nearby hardware store where staff and ownership are reliable/knowledgeable too.