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    Why is it that Ridgid will not do something about the way Home Depot represents your products? It really doesn't matter whether it's HD's or Ridgid's responsibility to set up the tools. The fact remains that the tools are not displayed in a way that makes your product attractive to the potential buyer. If it's a HD problem, insist they fix it, or pull your products. If it's a Ridgid problem, either fire the problem or re-train your staff. Every woodworking forum I am a part of, bashes Home Depot, and Ridgid for allowing such practices. You are loosing a lot of sales because of the problem. You lost me to another brand table saw, for two reasons: 1) I couldn't get any hands-on with the saw because of the display. 2) The HD staff was not at all knowledgeable, was rude and could care less whether I purchased the saw. If it was just me, I could understand it. But you and I both know that this is the norm, not the exception.

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    ...or pull your products....You are loosing a lot of sales because of the problem....

    What a crackup! Ever occur to you, Ken, that if they pull the product from their exclusive dealer, they instantly lose 100% of the sales???



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      Dave...... Obviously, before they pull their products out of Home Depot, I would assume that they have enough business saavy to contract with another retailer beforehand. If not, then they would deserve to lose 100% of their sales.


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        Of course if they pursue a contract with another company prior to the expiration of the existing contract they could be construed to be in breach of the existing contract. That could be part of the reason that there hasn't been a change yet.


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          Here's a good one guys. I was at HD today, and they have a ts2424 on display, misserable, just misserable shape. I was going to see what they would off it for to get rid of it. As I was hanging out at the tool department, waiting for someone to ask if I needed help. I noticed a green tag on it. "This unit only. SALE 573.66, Reg. 597.00" At this point I figured it moot to persue the 200 I was going to offer them.

          I called the area rep (got his card from last years ridgid demo) and he said nothing he can do. They own it. Once HD buys the stock, they own it. Perhaps this is where HD employees get the assumtion they own Ridgid? He did say anything brought back defective gets sent back for refurbishment.

          Next time there, I'm talking a good line, handing out my card, and waving 20 Alexander Hamiltons in the managers face. With any luck, my band saw will get the 1 1/2 hp motor on the saw, the drill press will get the 3/4 hp on the band saw, and I have a 1/2 hp for my exhaust fan. Plus spare parts and my extra fence set up I've been planning.
          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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            Woody..... Here's the real reason behind my frustrations with HD:

            After months of researching and reading many posts on the different woodworking forums, I had narrowed my choice for a new contractor table saw to Ridgid, Delta and Craftsman. I started out early Saturday morning, ready to go buy my new saw. We are fortunate to have 5 Lowe's, 3 Home Depot stores, 3 Sears stores, a Steve's Wholesale and a Woodcraft, all within 20 - 25 minutes of each other. I went to Tulsa's brand new (3 months old) Home Depot first, because I really liked the Ridgid 2424 and too, thinking and hoping that it would be different than the 2 older stores here locally. Well it wasn't. I asked if there was someone that I could speak to about buying a table saw. I was told that they would call for the tool manager. After visiting for a few minutes, it became obvious that he really didn't know all that much about the saw, but he was pleasant enough.....that is until: I told him, "I think I'd like to get the 2424. And I asked him, "Do you still give a 10% discount for signing up for a HD credit card, and/or do you still give any credit on trade-ins?". He then proceded to brush me off, turn away and said, "If you would charge more for whatever it is that you do, maybe you could afford the saw." That is when I walked out and made the decision that I would not only never buy anything from HD again, but I would tell anyone and everyone that I ever come in contact with how I was treated. I bought a new saw that morning, but it was not a Ridgid. One stupid statement from an employee, cost HD & Ridgid the immediate sale of saw, not to mention the other items and accessories that I bought.

            So you can see, we all have our war stories when it comes to Home Depot.

            [ 03-13-2003, 09:54 AM: Message edited by: Old Rookie ]


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              Hello KenC,

              If you don't already have this employee's name, then go back, get it, and then talk to the store manager or maybe the regional manager and report him. There is no excuse for someone to be rude to a potential customer. After all, it's people like you and me who keep those guys in a job.

              I guess that what I'm really trying to say here is that things won't improve if the people who have the power to improve them don't know there's a problem.

              Report this guy to his boss.
              De Colores,
              Boerne, TX


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                Dow..... If I thought that it would really do any good, I would. But when it's the same from store to store all over the country, it's a company problem, not one local employee. I would imagine if we took the time to research and read every HD post on the different woodworking forums, that we would find that MAYBE 1 out of every 10 posts has something good to say about Home Depot. And I realize that the unsatisfied customer is going to tell more people than the satisfied customer. But that's all the more reason for Home Depot to do something about their stores.


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                  Well Ken, it seems to me that all of us grumbling amongst ourselves won't have any effect at all if nobody ever says anything to the management at HD. The whole point in having people working the floor in HD, or for that matter, in any retail extablishment, is to assist the customer in finding what he wants. Without customers, HD is just another empty building. Management needs to know, in no uncertain terms, that their customers are unhappy. While it may be easier to take your business elsewhere, doing so probably won't solve the problem. Maybe talking to management will. I'm not talking about Ridgid tools in particular here, but about the whole shopping experience. If you're not happy, make sure that someone in a position to help knows it.
                  De Colores,
                  Boerne, TX


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                    Guys - it all depends on who works at HD. The girl at the tool 'desk' connected me with a knowledgeable gent who went into details why he bought the Ridgid BS1400 band saw. Also suggested I look closely at the fit and finish of the Delta counterpart. He was right. Delta wheels and other parts had burrs on them etc.


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                      Another unfortunate dynamic that is seldom talked about is the one where a customer and passionate hobbyist who enjoys every aspect of woodworking (minus sanding) and the sense of peace it brings them in creating something and is very deliberate and thoughtful in buying the best tool for the best value demands a product from a supplier who really has very little if no motivation whether he sells one or five TS3612s or how they look to their customer base because he's blanketed the entire North American continent and tricked them into thinking that safety orange is back in style.

                      Old Rookie situation is simply one where the effort to stay embroiled in the "I'm going to speak with your manager" will only greet you in all probability with someone of a similar attitude but with enough tact to not boldly blow you off but make you feel like they are going to take care of the problem when they've already forgotten what you said.

                      The simple fact is Old Rookie's table saw and the fact it's sale will not show up on the balance sheets in corporte Atlanta is the reason your better off walking away. I know a lot of people have bad things to say about Internet shopping (i.e. torn boxes, damaged goods etc.) but at least you don't have to deal with disrespectful ingrates. I'm sure the guy Old Rookie dealt with wouldn't be managing a tool section if 7-11's created made a regional hot dog carosel sales manager position. Don't feel like you should sacrifice the value of a ridgid product because some poor example of human nature. Just pursue it somewhere else if you can and relish in the fact when you do get the machine you've anticipated and that smooth induction motor slowly works up to speed, it's all good. [img]smile.gif[/img]
                      Patrick<br /><br />


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                        When I bought my TS2424, I did so on the recommendations of several woodworkers I respect. The condition of the displays made absolutely NO difference in my decision, mainly because I knew of the many problems.

                        It kinda tickles me how people will complain about something they can see and touch, yet buy something from an Internet company sight and feel unseen.

                        Course, this is only a $.02 opinion.
                        Mac<P>Problems are opportunities in disguise


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                          Yup, K.L.
                          I verified the closest H.D. with the BS1400 in stock and drove 50+ miles one way to see & touch the band saw. I don't think I would ever buy a major tool from the Internet but am willing to pay a little more to deal personally and have the opportunity of taking the item back if something is wrong. I read elsewhere about a competing band saw where the assembling team had to add shims to properly level the table and stick a wooden peg under the upper guide lock to 'make it work' (?)


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                            Yep, Ridgid has lost my business too. I spent hours getting the 3612 instead of the 2424 and 12+ hours into getting the DP1550 instead of the DP1500 I gave up and bought another manufacturer. Living in Atlanta it is both a blessing and a curse to have so many HD's. They can always send you to another store [img]smile.gif[/img] I did escalate my problems to management as well as to customer service at Home Depot and Ridgid but no luck. I definitely don't fault the HD employees. After 2 hour of dealing with my problem one did get cranky and snap quite harshly but for the most part they tried to help. Anyway, in my next purchase I'm not wasting any time in HD. If I can't get what I want in a reasonable amount of time both Ridgid and HD lose another purchase. I don't think that any tool purchase is worth more than 5 hours of my time no matter how good the quality is.


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                              Kmac said it best...if you guys are gonna turn around at the sign of a pin in the road, you deserve what you get. Do you try and hold the same standard to what you buy at Walmart?

                              HD is a very big company that has chosen to offer it's wares at the lowest cost to the consumer...face it and get a are not going to get knowledgeable staff about much of anything there. The same would hold true of Lowe's...the only difference would be the cleanliness of the displays. If you are dead set on buying a machine that's set up perfectly in the showroom, then good luck with all that, I've been toevery store in Dallas and have only seen a very few machines set up this way...granted, they all have it over the HD's, but then again...look at the bottom line pricing they have and see the difference in the employees they hire.

                              Ridgid's products have proven to be the best for the price in most any tool category...if you're going to let a moron employee deter you from the sale, then you become the moron. The fact that you can spot the problems with the setup says you can see them...what's to stop you from setting you're own saw HD employee?

                              Lastly...who cares about people who bash HD's? those people shop HD's daily? Doubt your own person and do what you need to not what others say you should do.

                              I shop HD's daily...every problems...I know who to talk to and who not your homework and you'll have no problems.
                              Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>