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  • What the Heck is This?

    Generally, I am very happy with this forum. It's friendly and useful.

    But recently I went into the "my profile" area and I saw this option. What in the world does that text mean???

    Update New Post Indicators
    This function will update the board's new post indicators to flag topics that have been posted to since either the start of your browser session or the last time that you logged in or used this function.
    [ 09-22-2005, 03:23 PM: Message edited by: MSchenker ]

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    I believe that's a "toggle" which let's you turn on or off the highlight feature which indicated any new postings since you last logged onto the forum. Having it turned-on is helpful to seeing what has recently been posted... On the main index page, new stuff is highlighted with a "yellow" bulb and on the topic pages, it would be a "yellow" folder.

    With it turned off, there would be no indication of what has been posted since you last visited. Having the highlight simply helps while you're browsing, so you don't have to read the old stuff that you might have already reviewed.

    Hope this helps,



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      Now that you describe it, the function makes sense! You think they could find a more unclear way of explaining it!

      How about clear language like "This function turns an indicator on and off which shows you which topics have new posts since the last time you were in the forum."