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    Oringinally I bought a porter cable job boss, but when i got home and took it out of the box, they left something in the tank. So i bought the ridgid under the impression it had a lifetime time warranty, but this is not a power tool , nor is the jobsite vac i bought. Altho i bought this compressor back in June, it has to go to the shop. three screws have fallen out of the regulator plate. I emailed them for just the screws a couple weeks ago but, like all warranties, they wont answer, they want me to drive 35 miles to fix their **** up for free. Maybe I should go back to black and decker

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    Or, you could just pick up the three screws at the local hardware store... if you know the size, of course.

    While I understand that you've lost the screws and you'd like them just sent to you, most manufacturers don't work that way. I've never had a company just send me anything based on a single E-mail. Perhaps you should call Ridgid Customer Support with the hope that a personal contact will be more satisfactory. If they can't send the screws, maybe they can tell you the exact size, so you can procure them locally. Regarding the 35 miles; it sounds like an easy solution to me, as my nearest service center is over 100 miles away.

    I have no complaints with Black & Decker, as I have receive a couple of their tools as gifts, but they are relatively cheap I think. However, I have yet to get a personal contact with them. Same with Stanley. You've already found dissatisfaction with Porter Cable. I mean no respect, but I think that you will soon find yourself running out of brands if you get upset every time something goes wrong.