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  • Onlne calculator resource

    Ever wonder what the deflection of a beam will be for a certain load. What the burst pressure is for a given piep diameter and material, or how to decipher hex bolt by their markings? How about pipe schedules, spring rate calcuators, and so many more.

    I found this site a while back and thought I'd pass the link along. I have no connection to this site, just putting it out there for you to evaluate. If it's not on this site you probably don't need to know it or should be working for NASA
    Engineers Edge

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    You're right. At my day job as a Manufacturing Engineer, I've used the resources at Engineers Edge on several occasions. It still bugs me, though, that they don't seem to know the difference between lb./ft. and ft./lb.! The auto manufacturers finally got it right (check the literature handouts at the dealer), but too many people who should know better still use the wrong terminology. Another good source of mechanical info, including wood characteristics, is Machinery's Handbook.


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      I’m so relieved to discover that I’m not the only one that is annoyed by the continual misuse of torque terminology.