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WD1635 Vacuum Wheel Problems

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  • WD1635 Vacuum Wheel Problems

    I like the performance of my WD1635 vacuum but I keep having problems with the wheels falling off. They are pressed into place and I have even tried tapping them in with a mallet but they drop off when I pick up the vac. Is there a problem with the wheels, the design, etc? or did I just assemble it incorrectly from the start?

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    I would call 1-800-4RIDGID, talk to a customer service rep and explain your situation. They should be able to help you.



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      I called customer service and they tried connecting me to a product manager. Since not there, I was directed to voicemail where I left a message. I did not get a return call so I called the next day.

      I tried again and this time talked to a person from customer service which said they could help me and they sent me four new caster feet. I received them yesterday. The caster wheels installed into the feet which in turn installed much tighter into the drum than my original ones and it appears to have fixed the problem. Not sure what the mixup was with my original call but thanks Ridgid for promptly fixing the problem.


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        Hello, I am a design student from Auburn University. We are currently working with Emerson tool company (the makers of Ridgid wet/dry vacs) in redesigning the vac. I stumbled upon this forum to look for research on what users commonly find wrong with current models. So far the information I have received on this one topic has been invaluable. Thank you. I ask you to please list additional problems you have with user functions. Any additional ideas on improving existing wet/dry vacs would also be very welcomed. Either reply on this post or feel free to email me at -