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Rigid power tools - Chinese made & high retail prices

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  • Rigid power tools - Chinese made & high retail prices

    Since Rigid power tools are manufactured in China by One World Technologies, Inc. And since Chinese labor costs are some of the lowest in the world. Why are the retail prices so high on Rigid power tools???

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    Because HD is the sole outlet for most Ridgid ww tools and therefore there is no competition. HD is selling them for what the market will bear.


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      IT is what economist call a Cash Cow for OWT Technologies as well as for Ridgid...not to mention OWT Makes them cheap in China and then has to mark it up so that they can pay Ridgid from St. Louis, MO Royalties from the sales..not to mention it is only sold in HD


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        It's called supply and demand something the USA is very good at. If we quite buying Ridgid from HD the prices will go down. But after reading this board for a few months that is not likely to happen.


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          one main reason products are made in china is that, in order to cut costs, therefore, selling them at a lower price, in order to stay competitive...