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  • STAFDA Show

    I have just settled down after returning home from the STAFDA show (Specialty Tools A Fasteners Distribution Association) Nov. 7&8th in Baltimore which turned out to be a great success.

    We had Radio Show talk host Michael King ( from our booth for 5 hrs and gave interviews to about 60 of the exhibitors allowing us to meet some great people. The show will be rebroadcast nationwide either this Sat. or the Sat. after depending on programing. It will also be archived on his web site in case you miss it.

    One of the exhibitors was Ridgid. They came in full force with a group of very informed representatives. If any of you ever get a chance to go to one of these shows, by all means do it. They provide the personal touch to a conversation and you can learn much more from them than you can reading a BB or instruction manual.

    I learned a lot about Ridgid, but one of the most important things to me is the fact they do care about their customers. They read and listen to what is said on the BB, so when you make a post you can be assured it is read and taken into consideration.

    My Thanks to them for participating in our broadcast. Gunook Products Inc.
    Made In America.
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    I'm somewhat new here and don't know about the history of this board and that of Ridgid, but my first impression is that if they really did care about their customers, it would be evident by their participation on these boards. They wouldn't need to tell us via some third party that they cared.

    But again I'm new here.


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      I'm sure that Ridgid cares very much what their customers think. I also think that they don't very much care to be an active participant on this BB.

      I actually like the fact that this BB is not overly moderated, however, it would be nice to have a factory representative answer a product related question every now and then.
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        Gunook, Thank you for the kind post.
        ooman2, we do watch and there are reason that we do reply and reasons why we don't reply to some posts. Could be for liability reasons. Could be that we know that there are employees of competitors on the boards fishing for information. But by-and-in-large we try not to get in on every conversation because it is meant to be a user's board. The RIDGID Forum is a popular site and we do not in any way intend to ignore you - we have web people here who watch posts throughout the day.

        We as a company do provide direct support access. We provide under the support tab on the ability to e mail a question directly to a technical services specialist. We also provide direct, toll-free phone numbers to reach us.

        So if we don't reply directly to your post please don't think that it is because we are ignoring you. We find the often times another end user like yourself will come along with the answer and that is the true spirt of this forum. Its your community. If you are in need of a direct response from us - take us to task and contact us directly. Trust me, messages from the support section of our site are a top priority at RIDGID.


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          Ridgid had nothing to do with my post. I was reporting about MY impression of them as professionals when they came to our booth for the interview with Michael King.

          Believe me, Ridgid does not need a THIRD PARTY to say anything about them. I added this thread for the benefit of the people who I respect like Badger Dave and the other main stays of this board who may have not had the opportunity to meet the Ridgid group.
          Use Your Head, It's The Little Things That Count


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            I checked with Michael King and he said the show would be broadcast Nov 26th. Check Home Talk USA for the station in your area or listen to it from his web site.

            I hope you enjoy it.

            Gunook Products
            Use Your Head, It's The Little Things That Count