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popcorn removal using wet/dry vac w/#5filter

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  • popcorn removal using wet/dry vac w/#5filter

    has anyone vacuumed/scraped popcorn ceilings?
    the #5 filter contains debris to .3 microns, much smaller than dangerous size of asbestos
    any suggestions?

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    I've removed acoustic ceiling spray several times, and the best system is to tarp the floor with disposable drop cloth, wet the ceiling with a spray, and use a scraper at a low angle (about 15 degrees)to scrap the goo from the ceiling.
    I have used a spray bottle on small areas, but a power sprayer or garden sprayer works best. The material softens, and scrapes away easily without dust floating around and without gouging the drywall. Then roll up the drop cloths and dispose of them. Of course, check your shoes and make sure you don't track the goo around the rest of the house.
    If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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      Just did my kids room last month. Used a deck sprayer with water to dampen the ceiling and scraped it of like Deblieux suggested. I did not soak the ceiling just made it damp to keep the dust down, when I was done I just dumped the popcorn off the dropsheet into a garbage bag, you don't need much water. When you get it off put a coat of mud on the joints and make a nice flat ceiling. Takes some time but the end result is very nice. I had other problems ... when they built the house I think the mud froze before it dried so the ceiling was falling down but here is the midway and end result photos