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    Hi all I'm new to the rigid site, but have been using rigid tools since before kindergarden, I'm sure my dad has rigid tools older than I am. I was looking through the power tools and thought I'd check out hand tools, is there any reason why I can only see robogrip pliers when looking for hand tools from the site map?
    I'd love to be able to browse a full catalogue, am I better off with a printed version? Is there one I can sign up for?

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    I second that. I see all kinds of GOOD hand tools at HD, but not on the site!

    I've lost 20% use of my hands, and the Ridgid screw driver handles are simply the best! I have my eyes on the plier set as well. Checked out the adjustable end wrenches and they look higher quality than any other I've seen.

    I've said this before, Ridgid needs better exposure!
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      Woody, I agree that RIDGID could use a little more exposure with woodworkers. But, I can also tell you that anyone, and I do mean anyone, who has ever worked in the plumbing and heating industry in the last 50+(probably more) years knows who RIDGID is. I worked at a P&H Wholesale Distributor and sold RIDGID tools and machines for 30 years. The quality of their plumbing machines was one of the reason I choose the TS3612 over other manufacturers saws.
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        RIDGID could use a little more exposure with woodworkers
        Ridgid used to do the woodworking shows. I would like to see that come back! That how more woodworkers know about ridgid!

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        Andy B.