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Need help deciding on an air compressor.

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  • Need help deciding on an air compressor.

    Anyone here have any experience with these two craftsman's. I like the 15 gallon tank and the 150 max psi but I read some reviews on epinion and it got a lot of complaints on the noise . But then again the review looks like it's for an older model. I'm wondering if the 12 gallon compressor is any better since it's oil lubed? Thanks in advance for your input.

    15 gallon

    12 gallon

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    You didn't mention what you need the compressor for? The answer to that question is really what will determine your need.

    Basically, NL aluminum compressors will be noisier than lubricated compressors. The latter are usually cast iron or cast iron linered, aluminum. Cast Iron, lubricated compressors will usually outlast NL (non-lubricated) aluminum compressors.

    Tools that you may use with a compressor, usually mention their pressure and volume requirements. For instance, an inexpensive automotive-type spray gun might require 7 scfm @ 40 psi. Whatever compressor that you purchase, must have a psi/scfm capability that is greater than your need. In the case of the two Craftsman compressors you referanced, niether will satifactorily operate the example spray gun. They would be fine for a single nailer and perhaps some other lightweight tools, as well as being able to inflate your tires. If you've been shopping at Sears, you might want to pickup a Craftsman catalog as there is pretty decent table in the compressor section which gives some idea of the variety of air-operated tools and their relative pressure/volume requirements and the compressors in the catalog that will be sufficient for particular applications.

    After looking at several compressors in the $300 or less range, I purchased the Craftsman 33-gal, 6 HP (max rated), 150 psi vertical compressor. I had also looked at similar units, like the Huskey (HD), the Kobalt (Lowes), and also the Coleman. Although they had similar PSI and price ($299); none of them had the volume of the 33 gal., 6 HP Craftsman unit.

    I hope this provided some guidance,


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