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    Is there a contact at Ridgid where customers can voice concerns about the way HD is selling Ridgid products? Is Ridgid exploring other retailers like Lowe's to sell their products since from what I've seen at the local HD's, it appears that they don't seem to promote the Ridgid Line's very effectively other than advertisements.

    For example, in ALL stores I've gone into, they have the MS-1050's on the floor yet mark them as MS-1060's. They have the 1060's in stock, and will let me look at it, but what a hastle that would be!! I'd have to have them assemble it so I could effectively look at it.

    Remember you correcting my earlier question about the 1050 not being as good as the Delta saw? Well, this was the reason I originally thought that. Imagine the # of shoppers who don't check here and buy what's on the floor instead!!

    Thanks for getting this to the right folks over there!

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    Thanks Bubba for your concerns. I will pass this message on. Believe it or not Home Depot has been very supportive of the RIDGID programs, providing a signifigant amount of floor space and advertising. Yes there are individual stores in which the display needs work, but all in all Home Depot has been a good partner.

    Your message was titled RIDGID Air Filtration. All the RIDGID Air Filtration units are also available directly from us. Just go to and click on air filtration.

    BTW if you see a store in which the RIDGID display could use some work let me know.


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      You might want to see my reply to the thread entitled something like "HD Demo Ideas."

      An entirely separate problem I've encountered at Home Depot is that, once you've decided to buy something, the boxes containing your newly-to-be-prized possession are dirty, banged up, and obviously previously opened and re-sealed -- in general, veterans of some war someplace (and on the losing side). Hardly inspires confidence.


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        <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JSchnarre:
        BTW if you see a store in which the RIDGID display could use some work let me know.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

        Thanks Jake. As far as stores needing Ridgid Display work...
        Santa Clara, Campbell, Milpitas, Fremont, & Palo Alto all display the MS-1050 marked as the MS-1060.

        Plus I've asked each of those stores about it and they've all acted surprised when I pointed it out. First they don't even realize there's a difference, then once they realize that there is, they don't have a clue as to why the wrong item is displayed. To me, their surprise indicates either a lack of training, or product knowledge retention (acceptable considering the # of products they sell).

        BTW, I've gone in asking about it at all hours (7:00am, 10:00, 12:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00pm) in various stores on various days and have always received the same end response... stupor, then surprise, then wondering, then a glazed eye look

        I've gone to the Santa Clara store numerous times and everyone I've asked has reacted the same way, so I wonder if anyone there has a clue about what's going on in their tool corral...

        I guess a couple of things I should know before drawing any conclussions is when did the MS1060 realistically reach their shelves, and how often does the Ridgid rep train them? If they received the units within the last 4-6 weeks then I can understand where nobody knows anything yet cause they probably haven't been trained yet.



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          <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JSchnarre:
          Believe it or not Home Depot has been very supportive of the RIDGID programs, providing a signifigant amount of floor space and advertising.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

          Do you know, and more importantly, are you able to discuss the exact nature of the relationship between Ridgid and HD?

          I know they carry your different products...
          Woodworking tools
          Air Filtration/Vacuums
          Plumbing Products

          Are they exclusive resellers for all products or specific lines?

          If any one or more lines are non-exclusive, who else carries them?

          Is HD required to have a certain amount of floorspace or is it strictly voluntary to have any floorspace?

          Does HD get any additional incentives (i.e. spiffs, etc.) to sell Ridgid products over other product lines, other than their standard profit margins?

          Just wondering. Some of the answers are probably confidential but any light you can shed on this would help me better understand their motivation and therefore help me set my expectations accordingly.

          Thanks again,



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            Bubba opened up my favorite can of worms. Home Depot hit this market about 5-7 years ago and put Handy Andy, Buiders Square, and numerous mom and pop stores out of business. Service was great people were kind and responsive. After the market had became captive, service with a smile became where is the service? Parts and accesories for Ridgid are virtually non existant. After I aired my grievances in past posts, this store did clean up the Ridgid display and moved Dremel and Delta out of the way so you can at least view the Ridgid. If I plan to make large quantity purchases of material, I take a 40 mile drive to Lowes instead of a 10 minute cruise to HD. For small purchases, if it wasn't for the lure of Ridgid, I'd keep on going to Ace Hdwe. I also have this weird feeling that they keep pushing volumes of cheaper goods and letting quality go the wayside.


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              I can answer at least one of Bubba's questions. Home Depot is only exclusive for the woodworking line. For other tools, you can find a local distributor by checking with our distributor index at or find a vendor that sells online at



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                Just to update things, there was a very recent discussion on the forum about what "the feelings were" on Ridgid products...

                Here's a link to that discussion...

                Being an owner, I tried to speak of Ridgid objectively, and hopefully it's good feedback for your team on what others think of Ridgid product quality & the HD distribution channel among other things.

                Of course there are other non-related discussions in the same thread, to ignore...



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                  Thanks Bubba, its just like I have found time and time again and on many different forums, the guys who bash RIDGID are the ones who have never used any of our tools (esp the table saw). I rarely see someone who dislikes one of our tools after using it.