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Every Man Must Have a Rigid Tool.....

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  • Every Man Must Have a Rigid Tool.....

    My pop was a plant manager for FASCO Industries in the mid '70s. He told me of a promotional hat that Rigid used to give out that said, "Every Man Must Have a Rigid Tool" (or something close to that).

    Get some nuts, RIGID! Screw PC and reissue that cap.

    I'll pay $200 for one.

    If anybody out there has one you can e-mail me from my profile.

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    I always thought they should have done one with the yellow smiley - Happiness is a Rigid Tool!
    They used to have some nice calenders too. I remember them back when plumbing supply shops would sell to builders. Now I have to take all my business to HD.

    This would be an entertaining topic for the survey thread - the top slogans you would like to see on t-shirts, caps, etc.

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      they still have those calendars every 2 years. and very sexy too....


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        Yup, they still do the calendars I'm looking at my 2003/2004 calendar right now.