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    Hey, I was thinking we should have a new discussion area on this site for all sales, rebates, etc. I've missed some pretty good sales at HD just because I don't shop there evey weekend. It would have been nice to check this board and see all sales members have found in one area.

    How does this sound?


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    Sounds to me like a good topic for the "non-tool related discussion" forum. God knows that poor thing could use some traffic!
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      It's a good idea however considering that this site was setup by RIDGID for the purpose of promoting RIDGID products, I wonder how eager they'll be to include a forum about a great sale price on a DeWalt this or Delta that?

      On the positive side, they haven't in the past, nor do I think they will in the future, ever deleted a thread about a competitors product that a poster has purchased and recommended.
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        I agree, it sounds like a good idea to me. I've missed a couple of those sales announcements too.

        With regard to Ridgid's open mindedness or, to-date, hands off treatment of the forums, there's certainly been an ongoing discussion lately regarding Makita and Milwauki tools on the "What's New in Power Tools" forum; and, they don't seem to mind that.



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          I'm beginning to really buy some of their tools and I can see myself having a nice line of Ridgid products in my garage. I just want to wait until the time is right. A sales forum would be the perfect indicator for me!

          I think having the forum isn't that bad, instead, it just promotes their own sales which is exactly what they do in the stores. We would just be doing that for them online!



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            ghost, Ridgid really has no say as to when Home Depot runs a sale. For whatever reason, the rumor that Home Depot owns Ridgid just doesn't seem to want to die. Emerson/Ridge Tool and Home Depot are two seperately run corporations.

            I don't know whether or not HD does this nationally but here they use newspaper supplements to announce most sales. They are also known to have unannounced sales that sometimes only last a day or two. Thats how I got my Miter Saw Utility Vehicle for $99 a few months ago. I just happened to be in the store and there was a stack of them for $99, two days later they were back up to $149. Those types of sales usually do get noticed and someone will spread the word.
            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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              Thanks BadgerDave, that does make sense. It is kind of tough to see when deals like this come then go.

              I will note this though, I live in Los Angeles and there have to be at least 6 Home Depots withing 20 miles of me. I checked 4 of them, and all 4 still have the following sales:

              4 piece combo kit: $399

              12V Right Angle Impact Driver Kit: Normally $149 marked down to $129

              14.4 VOLT CORDLESS 3/8" DRILL Kit: Normally $169 marked down to $99

              So at least if you live in the Los Angeles area, there are some good deals going on!