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14.4v Impact driver rebate

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  • 14.4v Impact driver rebate

    Ok, I have had enough. I bought a 3 piece combo kit at the end of April because of a free impact driver. I like to follow up on rebates because I always get screwed. I have been calling and checking on my rebate status and every month they say it will be another month. "Sorry those are on back order you'll have to wait till the end of May" then June and now July. Ridgid are you listening? You will lose customers if you keep doing this. How can you get away with this? The funny thing is I could go to the local HD and buy one off the shelf. You have enough to sell but keeping your promise is just too hard isn't it. Ridgid we know what your doing. It's called lying!!! I think I will buy Dewalt like I did last time. At least they do what they say they will.