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  • Delta Drill rRess Warning

    I bought a Delta 17 1/2" 17-970 drill press at the Canadian Home Workshop Show on March 4 from TJV Woodworking. When I was setting it up I was impressed that everything fit perfectly and seemed to be well machined. The machine was perfect until I flipped the power switch. There was so much vibration that the covers rattled loudly and holding the quill handle felt like I was holding a ROS running full tilt. I went to TJV the next weekend (long drive from Bowmanville to Mississauga) and instead of repairing the motor Joe offered to switch the head with another one he had. We pluged in the new one and it had the same problem. Joe kept both and took them to the head office in Guelph on Monday. A week went by and Joe called saying that Delta can't find me a replacement because ALL of the drill presses had the same motor problem but they found one that they thought was good. Joe put it on his truck and sent his guy out to me, he also told me that if I was not totally satisfied with it to have his guys take the entire unit back and he would either give me my money back or let me pick another unit. You guessed it the one they brought was better but no where near acceptable. I went to TJV Friday and Joe offered me the General 75-200 for the same price I paid for the Delta even though the General list was over $100 more than than the show special Delta. I used the General all day yesterday on wood and metal and was very impressed with the performance.
    For those of you in the Toronto area, stop in at TJV - 6660 Kennedy Rd., Unit 18 Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2M9
    Tel : (905) 670-3344 and see Joe, he is an honest business man that understands exceptional customer service
    TJV Woodworking Machinery and Tools

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    WB, really sorry to hear about the troubles you had with the Delta DP. First I've heard of the problem, nor have I seen any recall notices. You don't suppose that maybe Delta is keeping quiet about this in hopes it will go away. Now, where have I heard that before?

    If there is a plus side to this it's that it has given you the opportunity to share with folks in your area the great service you received from TJV and Joe. Sounds like a great company that I would gladly give some business too if I could.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.