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  • Ridgid scroll saw wanted

    I'd like to purchase a Ridgid scroll saw to complete my shop. I searched the forum and read some posts that other users were able to find the Ridgid scroll saws even though they had been discontinued.

    I've tried to find some pre-owned tool exchange sites, but the best I can determine is either people are finding them on EBay or they are just getting lucky.

    Any tips or advice appreciated.

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    I found my Ridgid SS1650 through the associate at one of the home depots. He says often people come in that have bought something, and decided they did not want it, and could not return it. He had a list in his pocket of tools, and one was the scroll saw.

    Check with the Home Depots in your area. You might also call Ridgid if they have any Remanufactured ones they would ship to you, or to our local HD with your name on it.
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      There's one on E-Bay right now. Copy and Paste the link below or do a search in power tools for Ridgid.


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        Thanks for the tips. I'll check with my local Home Depots. There are several close by.

        jhracer, thanks for the link. I set up an automated ebay search for "Ridgid saw" several weeks ago, but it had not yielded any scroll saws to date, and missed the one you linked to. I guess I'll have to modify my search a little.


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          TexasGuy just wondering if you were able to pick up the scroll saw on e-bay?


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            Yeah, that was me that bought it. Hopefully, it will be in good shape, since the pictures were pretty far away and it's difficult to tell. Either way, I think I got it for a pretty good price ($51 + $22 shipping). Thank you for the tip.


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              Not a bad price, hope it works for you. By the photo's it's missing the hold down feet and blade guard.

              I had to use mine today extensivly, as my band saw is still w/o a workin motor. Took 10 times longer but got the job done. (Potty Chair for Josh's 1st xmas, Curly Maple)
              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                Hey, found one at HD today and marked down to $55.00 big ones. Search around and they can find them in the back.