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Need Locks for the 2048 ON-SITE STORAGE CHEST

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  • Need Locks for the 2048 ON-SITE STORAGE CHEST

    Team, I just bought a 2048 ON-SITE STORAGE CHEST. I need locks that fit it. I bought 2 master locks from HomeDepot (I could not verify the lock number to ensure it was the right size) when I bought the box. The locks the guy sold me were a bad fit and would lock the box but ended up getting stuck and would not come out... I had to get a locksmith to come and drill out the lock... $100 BUCKS!
    I need a lock that fits... the RIDGID site says #5 Master locks, has anyone had experience with this and can make a suggestion?
    Please email me kevan_clark at hotmail dot com

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    That box is a rebadged orange painted Model 2048 Knaack Storage chest & it takes a #5 Master lock like you said.