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TS3612 table saw rust

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  • TS3612 table saw rust

    Can anyone please tell me how to take care of the rust that I have on my table saw. It's barely a year old and I can't believe that there is rust on it.

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    WD-40 and #0000 wool. You won't get the pists out though.

    After that make sure you wax the top with a wood wax. Or use a product called Top Coat. The wax needs to be applied often (weekly in my case). Top Coat will last for months.
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      I'll second the endorsement for the use of TopCote. It's made by a company call Bostik and is available from Lee Valley.
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        I have to put a vote against Bostik Topcoat at least in humid climates with wide temperature swings. I could not keep the rust off my jointer for more than a week with topcoat even when not using the jointer. I used Johnsons paste wax and with two coats and moderate ( twice a week ) use I have not had rust come back and it has been at least 4 months. I used #000 to get the majority of the rust off and then finished with #0000. The top coat works great at providing a slick surfacre for easy feeding but it just would not keep the rust down even with several coats over a few weeks.


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          I've used WD40 and a scotch brite pad under my sander with good success. Keep a rag handy to wipe up the mess frequently. Apply the WD40 liberally. I finish with a couple of coats of paste wax....Johnson's.

          Wood Mag did a comparison of rust removal and rust prevention products of couple of issues ago. A product from Boeshield called T-9 was found to be best for rust prevention, and Boeshield's Rust Free was one of the better removers. Their test included WD-40 and wax method found some of the other products did a better job....I'll be trying the Boeshield was invented by Boeing to keep rust off from airplanes.


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            I'm just getting back into woodworking after a decade but I spent my youth with my Grandpa building churches, barns, and other great projects. I do recall however that we used to coat the top of his table saw with Johnsons every few months. We lived in Louisiana and didn't have problems with rust in that humid climate. I think any PURE carnuba wax will do you good.