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Air Compressor Cut Off Pressure

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  • Air Compressor Cut Off Pressure

    I have a Ridgid OF45150 150 psi Air Compressor used to raise a door with air cylinders. I need at least 125 psi but the cut off pressure is at about 120 psi so when the pressure drops below 125 psi the door will not open. Can someone please tell me how to increase the cut off pressure on the pressure switch?

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    If it is like most you just remove the cover of the pressure switch (where the on/off lever is) and there will be two sprung screws. One is for cut in pressure and the other for cut out. Usually the cover has a sticker or stamp that shows which screw does what. make small 1/4 to 1/2 turn adjustments and cycle the compressor. Uplug it before you mess with the switch and watch the pressure gauges to ensure the pump shuts off when you want it to