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Miter Saws - Ridgid 10" vs Craftsman 10"

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  • Miter Saws - Ridgid 10" vs Craftsman 10"

    I recently bought a Craftsman 10" miter saw (#24313) (its still in the box) and got it out the door for $150. Now I recently heard about the ridgid warrenty and it got me thinking - so I looked into the ridgid brand and some reviews -- how do you guys feel the craftsman model above stacks up against the Ridgid 10" - I am just not sure if the ridgid is worth the extra money $199.
    Your thoughts and opinions are welcome.
    The saw will be used for home use. Anyone point out the advantages/disadvantages of either?


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    I've had a Craftsman 10" CMS w/LaserTrac for a couple of years now. I was pretty happy with it until recently when I discovered that the table flexes when I make a beveled cut with the blade laid over on its side. Service Tech said there was nothing he could do to fix it, bummer . I usually make those kinds of cuts on the table saw anyway so I'll live with it but won't recommend it. FWIW, both saws have the same parent.
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