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  • Recent used deals on tools.

    Called about an ad today and picked up a 24" and 18" Ridgid, 14" cheapo, 10" cheapo, 6" Fuller (new), and a 24" old fashioned kind, pipe wrenches for $25. I thought this was a pretty good deal. All are in very good condition.

    Not so recently I bought two 12" Ridgid pipe wrenches and a 10" reverse jaws Ridgid for $1.25 ea. in a pawn shop! I got a pretty good set of Ridgid pipe wrenches for a modest investment.

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    I love shopping those garage sales. When I find an old wrench at a great price, I think about those craftsmen of yesteryear that really knew piping. A little history in the toolbox is a good thing.
    D. McLean


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      my wife told me if i come home with another rigid pipe wrench i'll be sleeping out in the tool shed with them. oh well, that new 48" aluminum is only a foot shorter than her and just as cold. won't take that much getting used too!


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        I've heard that one before, and many times now. Even have heard you love them tools and your dog more than me. I just tell her not really honey it's just a totaly different kind of love you don't understand. That and I've had my dog longer, and man a good dog is near impossible to replace. :O) Then mention the fact I have more leg room on the workbench an I don't have to fight them tools for the covers, Build new requests and fix things they break for no reason, or buy them jewlery on holidays. Hehe maybe I do love my tools more then her :O)