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    Had a guy come into the store the other day (HD) and ask me if we had Ridgid PipeWrenches ( I immediately smelled a rat) when I said yes he told me he had a 24" alum. that the "handle broke" to which I immediately asked him how big of a cheater he was using.(he said none it broke on a riser pipe in a chase(yeah right) he them told me he had an 18 that had a crack in the handle.
    He didn't seem to be to interested when I told him to contact Ridgid to sort it out. I think it is pretty obvious that the wrenches were abused.
    Maybe he found someone else dumb enough to believe him. I really don't think Ridgid will warrant their tools against obvious abuse(or any other manufacturer for that matter)
    I have said it in other places in this forum and I will say it again. I used Ridgid Pipewrenches for years and I never ever saw one fail when being used properly.