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Rebate : 14.4V Impact Driver

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  • Rebate : 14.4V Impact Driver

    Hi, I am from Toronto Canada, I just purchase the 3pc 18V combo from HD. There is a rebate program active until May 29 for a free 14.4V Impact Driver.. Does anybody out there know is the rebate is a complete kit with driver, battery, charger and case OR just the impact driver ? Thanks for help !!!

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    I called customer service today and they told me the rebate is only include the 14.4V Impact Driver and one Battery only.. No case or charger... Anybody have different story ?


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      I purchased the 18 volt 4 piece combo kit from HD, and I mailed for the free 14.4 impact driver. Well it's about 4 weeks, and I just received the Impact driver today. It comes with one battery, and the bit that stores on the back. No charger or case. Does anyone know if the 14.4 battery can be charged with the 18 volt Rapid Max twin charger? Or will I have to purchase a 14.4 charger? Nowhere in the 14.4 Impact driver manual does it say anything about the use of the 18 volt charger nor did I get a book for the Rapid Max twin charger.....Can anyone help???????


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        You can charge the 12 Volt, 14.4 or the 18 Volt with the same charger that came with your kit.


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          Hey Scott...Thanks for the Info.....I checked all of the manuals with the kit and the new Impact, and couldn't find THAT answer. Now I know!......Vic (PapaV)