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  • TS3612

    I would like to know if anyone knows when the TS-3612 will be available for purchase and at what price?

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    The TS3612 is in stock now here in central Mississippi. Price is $596 including a zero clearance insert, which is the only included accessory. I have looked at one and really like it!
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      They are supposed to be available now. I've gone to my local Home Depot a couple of times, and the salespeople said it is "in the store somehere" but no one can seem to locate it.

      I'm getting frustrated.

      Is Ridgid listening!!! You developed a great new product, but it isn't moving off the shelf...


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        Home Depot plans to replace the TS2424 with the TS3612, so they are using the same stock number for both - hence the apparently brain-dead clerks who can't tell what they have in stock from their computer.

        Apparently they don't plan to display the new model until the old units are sold, but by watching the high shelves in the store, I found one and was able to buy it when it arrived (at the standard $596 price). Now, a couple weeks later, the TS2424 is still the only one displayed.

        I love the saw! It was worth waiting for.


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          The TS-3612 is on display at the Home Depot in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. It is $998.00 Canadian. The fence is real nice but the miter gage sucks. If the price was closer to $800.00 I would be interested, but for now will keep checking out other brands.


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            Looking at Ridgid saw at our Home Depot, my wife spotted a 3612, when I looked at it, the sign on top said it was a 3612, the sign underneath said it was a 2424?? with all the junk around it and not sure where to look, just gave up and left!
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              went into the HD in Golden Co and the had boxes on the floor of 2412, 2424 and one 3612.
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                I looked at one today at the HD Supply store...their display of Ridgid Tools was not nearly as good as I thought, but they did have it. I was under the impression that the fence was infinitely better than the 2424's....I tried it out and got it to lock without being square the very first time. It reminded me of the portable saw's fence a lot. Not bad, just not the fence everyone talks about. I'll stick with my 2424 anyday as the fence will always have a table surface under it (the 3612 doesn't).
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                  I'm gonna buy the 3612 in the morning. I just have a question on the Aluminum trunnions. Could this be a problem, and is Cast Iron better? Thanks for replies.


                  PS: If I wanted to replace one of the ribbed wings with a solid would another manufactureres work , say Grizzly or Delta??? Oh, and If happen to have a 7 hp motor laying around Would it void my warranty if I replaced the original motor and would there be any real benefit??

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                    Just bought the 3612. Maybe should have took the 2424. I don't like the 36" extension to the right. I don't know if I will ever use it and it takes up a lot of room. As far as the new features and the other differences between the 2 I really don't know if it really matters.


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                      My impressions of the 3612:

                      I bought the 3612 this past weekend and love it so far. The fence locks square every time. The 3612's I looked at in two different HD's were not setup properly, and it wouldn't surprise me if the fence in the stores wouldn't lock square because the time was not taken to align the fence rails properly. If you take your time and do the alignments while you are assembling the saw, it will work fine. I like having the large rip capacity that the longer rails provide (36" vs 24") without having to go to extremely long rails.

                      I was originally planning on going with an aftermarket fence at some point, but now I don't feel the need (may still consider an Incra TSIII, but that's in a different ballpark). The fence will also easily take additions because of the T-slots in the sides and top. It looks very versatile.

                      The blade guard and splitter both tilt with the blade, and removal requires only undoing a thumbscrew on the rear of the saw. I haven't had to remove the guard/splitter for a single cut yet, and dados are the only cuts I anticipate having to remove it for.

                      The blade was just a hair off of being 90 degrees to the table, and it was aligned perfectly with the miter slots out-of-the-box. A quick turn of the hex screw in the top fixed the blade perpendicular to the table. The two quick adjust screws set into the top for alignment are great.

                      As everyone knows, the Herc-U-Lift system is very nice, although it could stand to raise the saw up a bit more when it is lifted. (say, an inch or so) I added the dust collection hood to the 3612, and even with a smaller shop vac it works great. I did tape the seams where the chute contacts the saw, because there were slight gaps and I wanted to prevent leaks and improve suction. The blade can still tilt through its full range of motion with the chute and its associated deflector on the back in place.

                      I like the left-tilt feature on the saw, and that you can position the power switch anywhere along the rail that you want to. (the only downside that I had during assembly was that the screws for the switch were too long and I had to add some spare washers to secure the switch properly - I suspect the wrong screws were included or that the two for the switch were missing from my box)

                      I waxed the table and the rails, and the fence moves smoothly across both. The miter gauge was a hair off of 90 degrees, but all you need to do is adjust a screw stop and it will re-align the gauge properly.

                      Just take your time with the alignment and every feature on this saw will work beautifully. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and the features in this saw, particularly given its pricing vs the competetion. I went shopping intent on a Delta model, and after viewing them and some others, came away with the Ridgid. If it holds up as well as it works now, I can't imagine a better contractor's saw.

                      Edit: Another note - be sure to line up the extension wings evenly with the table, and you may not even need the included shims. I spent some time making sure the wings were even both with the top and with the front and rear edges, and I didn't have to use a single shim between the rails and the table. Also, my stock blade came with some small burrs on several of the teeth but it still cut pretty well. I already had a new Freud LU84R011 waiting for this saw, and it does cut smoother than the stock blade (as one would expect of a $50 blade). I will probably use the stock blade on softer woods and any PT wood I may cut (so it gets the buildup and not the Freud), and will saw the Freud for hard woods and plywood.

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