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  • clamp question

    for those of you that read my last post you know i avoid harbor freight. on a similar subject you can never have too many clamps. all the clamps i own thus far are jorgensen and craftsman. (probably made by jorgensen). now i watch the menards paper because they almost always have jorgensen clamps on sale and when they do i take the ad to the orange box or lowes where the meet the price and beat it by a few bucks.

    let me get to my point. anyone had any experience with pittsburg clamps from harbor freight. they are far less expensive than the other lines. there is a reason for this. playing with them in the store they seemed to be lighter than the others i mentioned, my concern is them slipping. over time they are likely to wear down and slip?

    i guess my question is are they worth invesitng in to augment the clamp collection. i like to get the most for my money, and dont mind shelling out a few extra dollars for tools. most of what i own is snap on and/or craftsman. Some specialty Klein items and Knipex items. but in this case is a clamp a clamp? or are these pittsburgh clamps pieces of junk like the other tools in the pittsburg line?

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    I have quite a few of the HF Pittsburgh bar clamps and have never experienced any slippage with any of them. Those high dollar clamps may be a little easier to work with sometimes and of course their quality is better but the HF clamps work just as well as they do in 99% of the all applications. You should also take a close look at the Pittsburgh HD ¾" pipe clamps. For around $3.00-$3.50, on sale, they are another HF bargin. FWIW, I also think that for the hobbyist/homeowner, the Pittsburgh hand tools work very well and in most cases are a good value. I bought a 9 piece polished chrome plated metric wrench set for under $8.00 that carries a lifetime warranty, can't beat that.
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      HD is clearing out their stock of Jorgenson Cabinet Master clamps. I picked some up to fill out my collection at decent prices last week.
      24" for $25.00
      36" for $30.00
      48" for $39.00

      I asked the tool crib clerk and he didn't know what was coming in to replace them. It wasn't long ago that they cleared out the Bessy line to make room for the orange clamps.


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        If you purchased your clamps on or after Nov 4 they will qualify for the Gift Card under the hand tool category in the current promotion



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          Thanks Woodslayer,

          I'll have to dig out my receipts and look into this.

          No one at HD mentioned that this offer was available, guess that's one way to save money and still offer an attractive sale or discount and not have to make good on it.


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            I have a couple of the HF 36" bar clamps. They are great to use as a door prop. They slip when tightening then jamb and not release when removing. Anyone in my area is welcome to them.
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              that is what i was afraid of, them slipping. Everything i own thus far clamp wise is either jorgensen ior craftsman. I am not impressed at all with any of harbor freight's brand name pittsburgh brand. Lifetime Guarantee or not, if i have to make trip after trip back to the place for the same problem, i would rather spend the few extra bucks. I know menards usually has Jorgensen's on sale every other week, but i hate menards. so i take their ad to HD and do the pricematch thing.

              i was hoping the pitsburgh would have been made well, but as you said,they do slip, which was my biggest fear in purchasing them.