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  • Air compressor

    Anyone there have a great portable aie compressor? Looking at the Hatache 12 2HP at Amazom. Gona need one real soon as the construction will be starting in a week or two when I get the cypress siding made.Also what about a framing nail gun ?? Thanks Dick Nelson

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    Around here the pros use Hitachi. I couldn't afford that one. Got a PC clipped head and really like it.
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      I think P-C framing nailers are the cat's meow; I've never had a problem and they seem to keep on going (longer than I can, at least). However, before buying a clipped head nailer, make sure that clipped head framing nails are code legal in the cities and town where you are going to work. The advantage of full head nailers is that full head nails are accepted everywhere. Also, they are easier to find in the stores. (The advantage of clipped head nails is that you get more nails in the stick. This not only means a few fewer reloads, but also a slightly lower probability of firing a "blank," which is really hard on the piston. In my opinion, these advantages are not worth the risk that you'll go somewhere where your nailer isn't legal.)