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  • Miter Guide sticks

    I recently purchased a TS2424LS table saw and have no complaints as far as ease of assembly and power of saw.
    However, just the other day I encountered a problem when attempting to use the miter guide.
    The miter guide stuck on the table saw guides. The only thing I can think of is that the table saw is susceptible to cold weather shrinkage.
    Although the temperature in my hobby room was about 52 degrees at time, I don't think that is cold enough to cause an effect on the table saw.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem. Are there any recommended solutions.

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    I haven't had that problem with my 3612, and I've used it with the temp being in the fifties. Did you mean that the mitre head assembly gets stuck on the table edge, or that the bar gets stuck in the track in the table? I've heard of problems with the head catching, which was remedied by filing the bottom down a bit or filing the edge of the table a bit. I haven't heard anyone have a problem with their bar getting caught in the slot. Maybe the tolerance on your bar is off if that is the part with the problem.


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      I do not think it would be the table top shrinking. I have used my saw when it was 95 in the summer and a few weeks ago when it was 5. brrrrrr. I did not notice a difference.
      I have 2 of the Ridgid miter gauges. One came with the TS and one I ordered for the BS. Both did a real nice job scratching the table top but they slide well. I also wax the gauges when I wax the table. I think it helps them slide better.

      Yours may be slightly bent or something else. Do you have the problem in both slots?



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        As Rob stated, check for slight flaws in straightness first. Also look on the miter bar as I've seen runs in the finish, and that could cause a hang up. I took a file to the sides and bottom of the miter tracks on my TS2424 to smooth out the ripples. I could feel them as the miter gauge slid through it. It helped alot, and only a few passes does the trick.

        If it's the bottom of the miter fence itself catching on the front edge of the table, there is a thread that explains the fix.

        Keep us posted on what you come up with.
        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          The sticking could not be thermal expansion/contraction. Running some rough numbers, a 50 degree F change in temperature would cause the miter gauge slot to shrink around 0.0001 inches, keeping in mind that the miter gauge is also shrinking. Another possibility, wax does not generally apply the same at low temps depending on what you use. I generally try and wax when it is not too cold outside.


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            To all that replied to my miter gauge sticking thanks for all the helpfull hints.
            The problem has been resolved.
            First I checked the miter bar for runs in the finish. It had one on the right-hand side.
            Second the bottom of the miter gauge was main cause of my problem. Once I filed the miter tracks smooth the gauge work perfect.

            Again thanks to all.