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design for wet/dry vac?

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  • design for wet/dry vac?

    Hello, I am a design student from Auburn University. We are currently working with Emerson tool company (the makers of Ridgid wet/dry vacs) in redesigning the vac. I stumbled upon this forum to look for research on what users commonly find wrong with current models. So far the information I have received has been invaluable. Thank you. If you own a Ridgid wet/dry vac and have some free time please list any problems you have with its user functions. Any additional ideas on improving existing wet/dry vacs would also be very welcomed. Either reply on this post or feel free to email me at -

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    It's nice to be able to pull your vac around using the hose. This is need so that you can get to all the stuff you are sucking up.

    The problem of most vacs is they are top heavy and tend to tip, or the wheels don't glide smoothly. Wheels need to be bigger, design should be lower to ground (hint motor on the bottom) and the house should be part vac hose and part pull cord.


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      Ridgid has aleady addressed the "tip" issue with their current design vac's. My new 12 Gallon WD12450 is 2-5/8" shorter than the old design (23.56" vs. 26.18"), however the actual "can" height is the same. The caster/storage feet have been re-designed and are responsible for 1" of the reduction in height, the balance of the reduction is in the redesigned motor housing. I have yet to make the new one tip while pulling it with the hose.

      The shortest vac out there is the 16 Gallon Craftsman #'s 17020 or 17025/33 at 22". The 17020 is supposed to be the quietest Craftsman but is not stocked at many Sears stores and the 17025/33 models have the detatchable blower. These are Emerson-made but with a shorter tank than the similar Ridgid machine. I considered buying one of these, but decided on the less expencive 12 Gallon Ridgid. I don't need the 16 Gallon capacity and I already have a blower.



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        the ridgid vacs are okey and the only problem is that when you order the motors and fans ,be very carful in opening or handling the package. some wise guys placed the fans diagonally against the styrofoam. result: warped fan!