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    I've been looking for an effective way to prolong the life of my shop filters. I've purchased the 'washable' filter cloths that go over the foam filter in a shop vac (washable my ***... mine fell apart almost the instant they got wet. You'd have better luck washing toilet paper.) I'm looking for a material that can surround the filter in a similar manner that is electrostatically positively charged so that once the vac is turned off, the dust will simply fall off the filter. Something like silk or polyester yet wouldn't choke the vac. Has anyone had any luck or have an opinion?

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    Sears sells a shopvac filter for around $16 that is washable and made from Gortex. I don't recall the brand name. I found the company by browsing on the net. Haven't tried it but I did inspect it at Sears and it did look substantial enough to stand up to more than a few rinses.


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      Cleanstream is the name.



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        I upgraded to the better quality filter then took pantyhose and cut them up and placed them over the filter. Works great and they are washable by hand. The filter stays quite clean and a little compressed air takes care of what gets through the pantyhose. I had to have the wife go buy them [img]redface.gif[/img] . Actually I had no idea of the type or brand