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It's a BOY! But we knew that.

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  • It's a BOY! But we knew that.

    I know this is way off topic, but I'm proud!
    After 12 hours of induced labor the wife failed to dialate and the meds started to effect the baby's heart rate. After concluding the meds, the contractions lost intensity and the surgical team was called in.
    At 7:39pm est Sat. 1/4/03 Joshua Nathaniel got his first light of the world weighing in at 9lbs 1oz and 21 1/2" long.
    Both MaMa and Joshua are doing spectacular.
    I look forward to making a sliding miter jig with a seat so he can get a birds eye view of what Daddy's gunna teach him.
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    Congratulations!! Glad to hear they are both doing well.

    I just had my first child (a boy!) 9 months ago. Also by C-Section after some heart rate issues, but at least it happened after only about an hour of labor at the hospital. His problems were due to distress in the womb. I still remember all to well how I felt when I saw that heart rate dropping! Luckily, he only spent a few days in NICU and there were no long-term problems.

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      U DA Papa

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        Congratulations on the new addition... I bet you and your new son will have lots of fun making sawdust together...
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          Well done. Congrats to all and my best wishes.



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            Thank You Everyone for the kind words. It's really nice to know some fellow woodworkers and real people really care!

            I'm glad your son didn't suffer from any long term conditions. When I seen the monitor and the baby's heart rate dropping, it drew tears into my eyes in the first time in nearly 20 years. Pain of broken bones and deep cuts can be over minded, but the pain of the unborn that is your very existance can not be mind bent, and it brings a weakness, and sense of helplessness to you like I have never known.

            God Blessed Us, and I wish he would us all!

            To heck with the clamps. I NEED DIAPERS !!!
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              Congrats on your son! [img]smile.gif[/img]

              I know how you felt as my son was born two and a half years ago that way. At the moment you realize everything is OK, and that you have a healthy son, nobody in the world could be happier than you at that moment. We're expecting another in June, so hopefully no problems this time.

              Congrats again. Before long, your son will have a better tool collection than you, and will always be fixing the TV. (so he can watch cartoons 24/7 )


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                Congratulations Woody! That's a big boy you have there I love that name, those are two of my favorites. It's always tough watching those monitors. We have been very blessed to have three healthy children with a fourth on the way. After going through the whole experience it makes you realize what a miracle a birth really is. We had our scary moments with ours but like you said, once you get the news that all is OK the joy is indescribable.
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                  Woody -

                  Congratulations on being a Dad. We have one that is due in 4 months and I am feeling emotions that I did not know existed.

                  Mark -
                  I can't imagine the thoughts and emotions that went through your mind during your son's troubles.

                  Best wishes to both of you.


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                    Thanks Jamie. The situation felt really strange because my mother was a NICU nurse for several years. Never thought I would be on that side of the window. Our son was probably the healthiest baby in the unit. He was there mainly to be watched and for IV antibiotics. However, it made my heart skip a few beats. He is doing great now... even a bit advanced in some areas for his age.


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                      Anyone else not being able to start a new topic?
                      Anyways, not to impose on anyone, but I've been working on a couple things and learned some stuff on doing web pages. So if anyone is ineterested in checking out Woody's Workshop, here's the address:
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