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ok another stupid spaceblue question

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  • ok another stupid spaceblue question

    hand planes. you have the blade or the "cutter" then you have a piece that sits on top of that, same width but it has a curve at the bottom to apply pressure. what is that piece called?

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    I'm waaay out of my element here, but I think the piece you're referring to is called a cap iron.


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      Or maybe you're referring to the chipbreaker? The chipbreaker looks kind of like a "weak" version of the blade, but (as you described) has a small bend at the end. It's job is not so much to apply pressure, but to start the wood curl as it comes off the blade. Any real pressure applied (to the blade) is between the top lever cap (above the chipbreaker) and the frog (below the blade).

      The October issue of Fine Woodworking had a really nice article on tuning up a hand plane. There's alot more than just the blade to maintain or even just properly setup in the first place.



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        Yeah i know there is a lot more to set up than proper irons. I am having a hell of a time with this plane. I have what appears to be a Craftsman #5 Jack plane. it has the grooves on the foot etc etc. Sears Parts has been no help as they "need a model number" to do anything. I guess they no longer have a technical research department. That department used to exist as i have talked to them in the past. it is their job to CROSSREFERENCE #5 Jack Plane to useable numbers? when i cross it from their catalog number i come up with a different item. So here we go back to the basics as i have been doing all kinds of research ad i am confused. There is no model number on this thing....all it says is craftsman. Likely this plane was made by stanley/bailey for craftsman. Ok someone "suggested" it was a #5 jack plane. I will assume the #5 as to do with its size? (sorry folks i can not figure out how to upload pictures here so i must describe it. As i said, all i can find on it is craftsman. it does have the grooved foot which i believe makes it a "jack plane"? the foot measures 14" X approx 2 1/2" the blade itself is 7 1/4" long 2" wide. So first i need to be sure i am talking about a #5 Jack Plane. Since searsparts was no help I have turned to stanley but am still a bit confused. i can figure out the blade no problem. But I have no cross reference number to cross to stanley. Again I assume it is a jack plane and based on the size is a #5. If a picture would be helpful and you are willing to help, please email me direct and i will send a pic.
        Stanley has a "double replacement iron #5, part number 12-323. my question on this is "double iron" does this mean blade, top piece and screw?

        Happy Thanksgiving to all


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          The corrugated or groved sole of the plane is not what makes this a Jack Plane. The corrugations were provided in an attempt to reduce friction between the plane and the wood and were used on many different plane sizes.

          A "Jack" plane refers to a particular size/style of plane. Sounds to me like you may have a #5C or maybe a 5-1/4C or 5-1/2C Jack plane, based on the deminsions you give.

          To learn more, including photos of just about every type and model of plane ever made, visit this web site or Google on 'old hand planes' but the site above should give you more than enough.


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            you have a 5C (corrugated).
            Send me the picks I will post them
            If you need parts ebay is the place to look.
            I would snap one of these up
            Stanley #5 parts plane $7
            #5 $7.50
            #5 lever Cap $5.50