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another day that will live in infamy

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  • another day that will live in infamy

    I ask that all my fellow forum members join me in prayer that God will stengthen us and show mercy to us as a nation and a people (USA). This is a day to weep and to get angry, but in our anger we must not strike out at the innocent. Sadly we have done that in the past e.g. the loyal Japanesee Americans in 1942.
    There will come a correct time soon enough to stike at our nation's enemies. May God help our leaders be the wise and strong ones they should be.

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    Amen Papabear


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      Amen Papbear: Thank You for those words, We will pray for all those who lost Loved ones, Family and Friends. And as you said let us not turn our anger in the wrong direction. Lets those who have the ways and means to find those who did this and the counters what helped or harbored them. Then strike back in a way that will send a message that will let then know that this will not hapen with out a price being paid by them.
      For now let each and everyone of us pull together to show those who did this that the US is a nation that pulls together as one to help those who can not help them selfs. And that an act such as this will not break this nation but make it stronger. One matter waht relegion or race you maybe we are all Americans and our home land was attacked to that end let us give all our support to our leaders.
      My wife was sent an email last night. The link is http:/
      I hope this works as it's very moving.
      My GOD bless the USA

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        I'm Not sure if the link I gave before was right. here it is again I've try this and it does work. I will say that if more then likley bring tears to your eyes. As it did mine. I wish I could pass this link to every Email box in the USA.

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          Noble thoughts, guys, and a salute you for them. I should say no more, but. . . .

          We are a nation that openly prides itself on being defenseless (particularly on the personal level), and that seems to reject the realities of living in a jungle surrounded by animals. Consider this: a knife is a useless weapon when confronted by three entirely unarmed oppponents, but no one on those planes got out of their seats to shut the hijackers down.

          The hijackers got onto the flight deck because, as directed by Company Policy, the aircrew opened the door once they understood that harm to a passenger (not another crew member) had been threatened if they did not. Had the aircrew refused, at most one passenger would have died (who died anyway). (After that, there is no further point in harming or threatening the passengers, because obviously the aircraft commander "doesn't care.")

          In South Carolina, the person who had robbed a couple of 7-11 stores, and shot and killed a couple of 7-11 store clerks, held up one more. That clerk shot and killed the robber. The police called the clerk a hero. The 7-11 company fired him, since Company Policy was to submit to a robbery.

          Even after the perps of this incident have been dealt with, we have some hard lessons to learn. End of sermon.


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            Danomal - Thanks for the link, it was indeed moving, and thank you all for you thoughts and comments. I think your correct in saying that we need to pull together as a nation to get through this awful time. I think nothing demonstrates this better than the thousands of volunteers trying to help not only in New York and Washington, but the people all across the country that have waited hours in line to give blood. That really says a lot about the people of this country.


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              Yes, giving blood is good. But things may get a lot more serious. If we do go to war over this, and I think it likely, there will be many civilian casualites overseas. There is no telling how much this could escalate.

              The destruction and casualties of war will be plastered across every channel as the media is able to cover war in ways that it was unable to do in past wars. We MUST not have a weak stomach! We MUST be unwaivering! We MUST be united!

              Our military also lacks the capabilities (personnel, planes, ships) that it once had. It would be difficult to wage a war the size of even the Gulf War at this present time. So our nation should prepare itself to serve and sacrifice in many ways if needed to support whatever the future may bring.

              The time for peace talk is over. This kind of senseless killing must end once and for all. It is time to act. It is time to offer our unending and total support.