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    I had this brilliant idea to collect the rain water and use it to water the lawn, at least I thought it was brilliant until I started doing some usage calculations. I really hope I am way out to lunch here so if anyone has experience please correct me. I have about 3000 sq ft of lawn to water, I think a typical lawn needs 1" of water per week to stay healthy. During the summer we may have a week or more without rain so I am going to assume I need to store enough rain water for 1 watering. So 3000 sq ft at 1" of water is about 250 cu ft of water or 1870 gal (7080 liters)
    I don't have the space or budget for that size of a tank. Has anyone out there attempted this? Am I way off with the water consumption?

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    Your calcs seem right to me. You might want to consider planting something other than grass, grass requires way too much water. I planted trees and shrubs around my lawn, they shade the grass and thereby reduce the water needed for the grass.


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      I don't know if you have a water shortage problem in canada or what you have to pay for your potable water but I just water mine with standard irrigation from my city line. I have about 25000 square feet of zoysia that gets about an inch of water to weekly through out July and August. (twice a week 1/2 inch at a time) It only costs about an extra hundred bucks for the entire season and I dont have any headaches or tanks or pumps to mess with. Though the danged Japenese beetles love my yard and then bring moles which love the beetle larvae.
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