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Warranty and rebate?

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  • Warranty and rebate?

    I purchased the three piece combo kit on 05/28 and would like to get the 14.4 impact driver (rebate thru 6-29-05) and the lifetime service agreement but each require that the upc code be sent in. I made this purchase because I thought I would get both. Any solutions?

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    Why not just call Ridgid Customer Service and ask them how you should handle this. You're eligible for both and my guess is this question has come up before.

    I've read here that the UPC sticker isn't really needed to register for the Lifetime Service Agreement but I'm not sure if thats true or not. A call to Ridgid CS could answer that also.
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      I bought a crap load (don't make me quantify that) of Ridgid tools late last summer when there were HD gift cards for certain amounts purchased. Well, to get the gift cards, you had to mail in the rebate PLUS the UPC codes and receipts. I actually sent them copies of my reciepts, but sent in the UPC codes right off of the boxes.

      NOW, they come up with this Limited Lifetime Warranty or Service Agreement that requires UPC codes and Reciepts. (I think you can just send in the reciepts for purchases prior to April).

      I called Ridgid CS and a lady told me I was crap out of luck since I had no UPC codes and reciepts (had some, but not all). I asked here to talk to her boss, and she transferred me over to Tom C, who seems to be the prime customer solutions bubba. I got his voice mail and I left him a message stating that I had registered all of my products online, and checked the YES box for the Lifetime Warranty or Service Agreement. And that I had sent in my original reciepts and UPC codes when I originally applied for my gift card rebates. Tom sent me a message in my EBOX on the Ridgid website, and stated:

      "Mark, disregard the information that you were given earlier today. Send in a letter to the address listed on the product registration and list each tool and date of purchase. State that you have already sent in your UPC codes and receipts last year to the PO Box in Denver." (not word for word).

      He then gave me an EBOX message ID number that I was to put in the message and that the Warranty registration folks would contact him to verify and he would grant my request.

      Bottom line, TOM was very helpful, punctual, and understanding. I recommend that you get a hold of him and explain your situation. He seems to me very reasonable.

      Hope this helps, good luck.



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        I called CS and was told to send a copy of the UPC with the Warranty and a orginal UPC with the impact drive offer. I would call and get the persons name you talk to and keep it in case there is a problem.