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  • New TSOD in my town

    Another TSOD (Tool Store of Death) opened recently in the next town over from me. I got the flyer in the mail 2 weeks ago. The place does not excite me so I made no plans to waste the gallon of gas to get there and check it out, but I was in that city today and for the heck of it popped my head in there to get an eyeball on the junk you see in the flyer they mail out.

    Man, what a house of death that place is. I would be scared silly to use some of those tools for anything other than decoration. There was a guy in there buying jackstands so he could crawl under his truck and work on it, not me, not under that cheap Chineese just metal! The pipe wrenches have poorly formed jaws and even poorer fit and finish. Hammers look like the head will fall off after a couple days of hard use. The hand-hled power tools are pure junk. I looked at the "plate joiner", a 4" side grinder motor with an adapter on the output shaft and some funky, flimsly bracket holding the plastic fence system. Super accurate I have no doubt and should hold up to hard use as long as the temperature stays below 120F, this plastic looks like the stuff that would melt in the toolbox on the back of your truck sitting in the hot sun on a summer day

    I didn't last long in there. This place just opened in the past month. I was walking around laughing at the junk, talking to myself saying things like I can't believe they would have the B@@ls to put some of this stuff on the marlet and the Asst. Manager come up and asks if I am finding everything I need. I say I haven't found anything yet that I think is worth the asking price and I ask him if the electric power tools are UL approved. He dances around that one, I already know that they are not because they are not marked so on the packaging.

    There is some scary stuff in this place. I plan to never visit let alone buy anything from Harbor Freight.

    My advice is stay away from the TSOD at all costs! Go and buy Craftsman or Skil or B&D or some other DIY Level tool but don't buy the crud that the TSOD sells.

    The my $0.02 which is more than most of those tools are worth and probably more than the poor souls who are forced to make them earn in a day, which is sad to say, they are just trying to amke a living and stay alive, it's not their (the laborer's) fault.

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    I agree with alot of what you said but at the same time I also have some stuff from HF that, for the money, can't be beat.

    For the weekend warrior, their 2HP Dust Collector is the best bargin going in DC's. I've had mine for two years now with never even so much as a whimper out of it. It just keeps on a sucking. At the time I bought it, it was $116, some even got it for $107

    I wouldn't endorse most of these products for someone who makes their living with their tools but for the hobbiest/homeowner these aren't half bad;
    1. #40073 Pnuematic Crown Stapler $19.00
    2. #00623 1" Dial Indicator $8.00
    3. #05645 Magnetic Base $8.00
    4. #34214 Angle Finder $5.00
    5. #36697 Feather Board $5.50
    6. #36221 Drill Press Lock Clamp $9.00
    7 Bar Clamps $2.50 - $5.50 (6" thru 36")
    8. C-Clamps $0.75 - $5.00 (1" thru 6")
    9. #31255 ¾" HD Pipe Clamp Ends $3.50

    Harbor Freight also has other products that are at least, IMO, worth a look. Their 14" band saw gets lots of very positive reviews.

    With the exception of my DC, I can't say that I'm a fan of HF when it comes to tools that you plug in. I doubt if I'd ever purchase any of these tools but just by the vast number of tools they offer, some have got to be, at the very least, marginally acceptable.

    Bottom line I guess is if you look closely, you'll find a few diamonds in the HF line.
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      There are no Harbor Freights near me, at least that I am aware of, but there are a few Cummins Tools stores which I take to be similar if not the same as HF.

      They do sell reconditioned Ridgid and Ryobi tools and reconditioned coleman generators and such but I am not a fan of rebuilt tools. There is not enough savings to justify it. Their hand tools are of such poor quality that I can't believe they even sell them.

      The power tools bearing the Cummins name look like they would pose more danger to the users than the material they are supoposed to be cutting or shaping. But their parking lots are always full. I wonder how many of those cars are at hospital emergency rooms within a month.
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